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Open Items

  • New superstars:
    • Erik Rose
    • Mike Alexis
  • Superstars new to Mountain View:
    • Chris Howse
  • Meeting ideas
    • Project focused next time, need to make a list for agenda
    • 10-15% time investment projects/demos -- how do you feel about having a rotation and doing short presentations in all-hands (maybe 1 per week?).
  • Q2 Goals:
    • Anything look off?
  • Webdev Radar - updated this week
    • What's at risk, how can we help get it done?
  • Summit - Need to submit science projects, lightning talks and breakout sessions by June 15th
    • Wiki for summit ideas
    • Sort out conference situation
    • Set up schedule for all-hands talks (promotes tinkering)



  • Holy crap it's the validator
    • Parsing
    • Unit tests
  • Intern stuff

Late night treat: Twizzlers



  • SUMO KB redesign
  • Fx4 Beta wireframes
  • Early Socorro 2.0 work
  • L10n wireframes
  • AMO tweaks


  • Daddy-leave til the 18th


  • Building my Mozilla world. HR is mostly happy, I can open doors, and I have a copy of kitsune scampering along. Great to be here!
  • Late-night snack: pie, kitteh


  • The last AMO backend dev standing
  • Likes pizza.


  • Working on revamped Live Chat server in Node.js (http://github.com/endtwist/inko)
    • Getting authentication against SUMO's Django sessions working.
  • Late-night snack: Goldfish


  • Welcome Erik!
  • Launch SUMO 2.1 this afternoon. Took about 5 weeks to build the feature from 0 to production.
  • Started work on 2.2, the new support questions forum.
  • Late-night snack: Cold pizza.


  • Putting a hand in with AMO/Zamboni development
    • Trying to actually get everything setup so I can be useful
  • Experimenting with Weave (uh, Firefox Sync) Python implementations
  • Popcorn


  • Socorro 1.7 in staging
    • pesky minor fixes
    • waiting for load & creative failure testing of HBase
    • deployment:
      • tiny launch window this week OR
      • one week after launch of FF3.6.4
  • Socorro 1.8 in development
    • major refactor of processor
      • make it fit into a Map/Reduce Hadoop job
      • ditch the database
      • make it work as a daemon
      • make it work with a daemon version of minidump_stackwalk
  • late night: Ambien


  • Hoping seriously to launch Socorro 1.7 this week - stress test today, and go-no-go tomorrow
  • Wrote a PRD for 2.0
  • Working with djst and beltzner on improving post-crash user experience and engagement
  • My favorite late night snack is a cheese sandwich. Possibly accompanied by coffee (if working) or a glass of wine (if it's a late dinner).




  • OSBridge - Portland Tech scene is great
  • Socorro 1.7 (new cron/db table, added a Selenium test)
  • Hacking on Pontoon about 50% done on current sprint
  • Worked with Ryan Doherty on PFS
    • Java and outher PFS bugs
    • 2 new metrics reports (unknown and newer version)
  • Launched sudoSocial
  • Late night snack - Beer


  • had my last final yesterday, woot!
  • SUMO 2.1
  • migrating data over: users, user groups, old forums
  • advanced search UI and sphinx.conf for forums
  • access control, 403 handler
  • threads and forums list views
  • favorite late-night snack: TJ's vanilla yogurt is so addictive


  • mozilla.org
    • Creating new donations form for T-Shirt campaign.
  • drumbeat.org
    • Released new version. Cosmetic changes, functional improvements, security fixes.
    • Bug fixing marathon. Moving towards "Beta".
    • Working on updated roadmap, future plans for site.
    • Performance "Optimization"
  • Favourite late-night snack: Granola with Soy Milk


  • Stats is almost finished! Feel free to take a look at my work to date, and start picking it apart!
  • potchbot is a friend to all
    • /msg him to interact
      •  !logs for the log url
      •  !page <message>, and he will send me an email/sms
  • Also, french toast.


  • Worked on bugs+features for SUMO 2.1
  • Implementing templates for questions/answers (SUMO 2.2). Mostly ready for review.


  • OSBridge last week.
  • Finishing up the majority of Bespin Gallery this week; will work on testing with the Bespin team next week.


  • set up zamboni local machine
  • porting amo pages to zamboni
  • seating chart (kohana3)
  • various sfx add content bugs


  • Firefox Input (Beta feedback app):
  • SSO
    • Passed its security review, but filed a bunch of bugs for hardening the app.
  • blogged about the product-details library for Django. If you need product or locale info, use it!
  • Late-night snack: Cereal. nom nom nom.


  • 5.11.1 freezes today. There is a secret push tomorrow and an official push next Tuesday.
  • AMO Team is doing pushes every week now. Look out.