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Open Items

  • Welcome to gkoberger
  • Rehi to rsnyder, and hugs too
  • morgamic is out a lot this week
  • Anything else?




  • Thanks Laura and Ozten and others for helping with moz.com on Friday
  • Firefox mobile 2.0a1
  • Email vendor prep
  • Customer Care
  • Wedding Crashers



  • Bugs for AMO
  • Interviews
  • Created happy forms to trim out whitespace
  • Finished up the bulk of Collections
  • Added Recaptcha using Django-Recaptcha
  • Userpics for AMO
  • Adding OAuth to AMO using Django-Piston...
  • Forking from hg->git in manyways sad.
  • Personas now in AMO search
  • Meanwhile on Firefox Input
    • Chowsified "topics"
  • The Wedding Singer






  • I have internet now. Sorry I missed last meeting.
  • After today, SUMO will have had 3 pushes in as many weeks, all while working toward our big Knowledge Base release. Agility is awesome.
  • Trying to get some work done on Django-CSP for the Q3 goal. Policy is configurable now. Feedback is appreciated.
    • Want to add at least a basic report-uri implementation.
  • Heads down on SUMO 2.3.
  • Predictable, but gotta love Mawwaige. Mawwaige is what bwings us togewer, today.


  • Been out the last week
  • Coming to Mountain View next week
  • Working on graphs.mozilla.org code
  • Discussing Appetizer with Mike Hanson
  • Corpse Bride? I'm certain there are movies with weddings that don't clearly imply the wedding in the title, but I'm at a loss.


bitterness ahead

  • Socorro 1.8 stuff
    • finally have more than keyhole access to staging - I allowed to actually look at logs and directory listings
      • I'm still not trusted enough to actually touch anything, however
    • added many introspecting and statistical web services to the processor
    • running into performance issues with breakpad stackwalker
      • asking others to look into it, 'cause I'm not allowed to actually do anything myself
  • Favorite movie with *
    • I'm enjoined by the State Constitutions of both California and Oregon from speaking about *.
    • I may have seen some movies that had *, but I was required to sit in the back of the theater and couldn't see the screen



  • Pushing to finish BYOB Q3 goals
  • Starting to look at Sigil
  • Badger staged, making progress
    • Playing with django-piston to build an API, seems keen
  • Mawwidge scene: Princess Bride.


  • End of Q3 rush to get last-minute projects assigned
  • Fx4 redesign schedule
  • Looking for an internal tools contractor
  • Planning Sigil, air.mozilla and college recruiting site projects
  • Mobile projects coordination, resourcing
  • Fx4 beta promotion microsite
  • FYI, I'm on PTO 9/1-9/7
  • fave movie with wedding scene: 40 Year Old Virgin


  • lots of mozilla.com bugs fixed this week
    • Fennec 2.0a1 release notes!
  • more PTO app features!
    • report by person
    • coming up: view by person
  • Shrek


  • hiring
  • contracts
  • working with mike to field new projects
  • kill bill, where things don't go so well


  • Working on SSO and Dekiwiki
    • Got a working dev VM
    • Learning Mindtouch
    • Playing with Apache mod_auth_cas vs custom CAS client
  • PFS 1.2 released
  • Socorro - working on Post Crash Email project
  • RequireJS and Juicer blog post

I'd agree with Ryan, The Hangover


Movie with wedding scene: Jeux D'Enfants.



  • Epic bugfixing yesterday
  • Writing a bit more python these days
  • 5.12 wooo
  • Thinking about ways to tighten up the CSS in AMO

I think there's like a 30 second wedding scene in the original 101 Dalmatians, so that.


  • SUMO Knowledgebase (2.3)
    • Create/Edit article views/forms/templates
  • A few SUMO 2.2.x bugs
  • Movie with wedding scene: The Godfather


  • Socorro 1.8; starting API work for 1.9
  • Released Input 1.7; starting 1.8
  • air.mozilla.com updates in the queue
  • Currently in Ohio for a funeral. I'm in and out this week.
  • Movie: There are a couple wedding scenes in The Hangover.  :)


  • finished bitly integration with sfx so now they have short url affiliate links
  • today is my last day at mozilla :(
  • The wedding singer


  • Last week busy with family stuff, but
    • Firefox Input 1.7 is out the door (thanks, Dave!)
    • MDN 1.0 is also live
  • This week
    • Customer care (twitter stuff)
    • Firefox Input redesign for mobile (thanks Chowse)
    • Traveling to Oregon for Djangocon!
  • Favorite movie w/a wedding scene: Death at a Funeral


  • interviews/hiring/contractors
  • AMO launch this Thursday. It's a big'un.
  • went camping