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Open Items

  • Q3 Goals - holy shit there are only two weeks left
  • Discussion
    • How did Q3 feel
    • What was awesome about Q3?
    • What do we need to do better in Q4?




  • Customer Care
  • Email vendor migration
  • TV: It's always sunny in philadelphia


  • AMO DevTools
  • Firefox Sync webpage
  • Firefox Input
  • Electric Bandwagon polish
  • SUMO KB Polish

Newest Favorite Thing: Breaking Bad


  • Building out an API to upload addons
  • Redoing search weights on AMO
  • Documenting stuff in Input
  • Better admin for Input
  • TV: IT Crowd or Veronica Mars...


  • Big gobs of "show-for" stuff for Support knowledgebase (platform-specific sections of pages). Custom HTML parser to do block/inline inference and work around MediaWiki parser ugliness. Results in simpler syntax for authors.
  • Client-side TOC builder with tolerance of skipped header levels (in case anyone needs one)
  • Lots of code review cycles for other wiki work: media gallery, template formatting, macro expansion, ...
  • Interviewed a web dev
  • Comparing XML trees (attr order) is a pain in tests. Anybody have a canonicalizer for Python?
  • Dexter


  • Fixed another 50 bugs to get 5.11.9 out: new collections
  • Talked about AMO at DjangoCon
  • Figured out our load issues with Redis

TV: American Gladiators (90s version)


  • Bunch of bugs
  • Integrated the discovery panel into zamboni
  • TV: Arrested Development



DjangoCon last week was good. Not many people run at the scale we do (would have been nice to see the Onion show up). Seems like we're going in the right direction and doing pretty well.

  • Django-CSP is ready to go.
  • Got Hudson running kitsune's vendor library. Next is staging. Then prod.
  • Major reviewing.
  • TV series: Rebooted Battlestar Galactica.


  • Release-o-mania
    • WebOb 1.0 (not actually a big release, but I figured what the hell, it's been 1.0ish for a long time)
    • Paste 1.7.4
    • PasteDeploy 1.3.4
    • Tempita 0.5 (my first Python 3 package)
    • webtestrecorder 0.1 (first release)
    • pip 0.8.1
    • virtualenv 1.5
    • WebTest 1.2.2
    • FormEncode 1.2.3
  • I revisited doctest.js and am excited about it (blog post).
  • If anyone wants to proofread this really old blog post I forgot about on the webdev blog, I've started another app in the same pattern (JSON API backend, jQuery frontend) and am enjoying it. Or... maybe I should just hit publish and not worry about it.
  • graphs.mozilla.org CGI decyphering
  • Working with Appetizer group in Labs
  • I've automated a substantial portion of Hudson setup, should anyone be interested in setting up new Hudson servers (sadly Hudson's API is really thin, so it's kind of hacky)
  • A company is forming around cloud hosting, using Silver Lining as one of the components: djangozoom or their less Django-centric alter-ego noderabbit; I'm starting to see a little more community activity around Silver Lining.
  • I just finished The Wire. I am ready to govern Reykjavik!


  • Socorro 1.8
    • after running for 8 days flawlessly in staging, Processor froze
    • repeatable only when I'm not looking
    • seems to be some external problem - I suspect the stackwalk_server which is outside my control
    • push to production delayed
  • Interviewed and subsequently rejected a DBA/IT candidate
  • favorite TV: Futurama


  • Onsite!
  • Trying to work out when to release 1.8
  • Working around a few issues (big dumps, processor restarts)
  • Finished off updated status reporting
  • Getting started on SOLR work
  • Meetings, meetings, meetings (postcrash policy planning; Adobe; stackwalker stuff)
  • TV show: The Goodies


  • Wrapping up BYOB Q3 goals
  • Switching BYOB to use gearman for async job queue
  • Talking to people about Badger, hacking a bit on the API
  • Hacked a bit on a Sigil prototype, stealing Django practices from Input/Kitsune/Zamboni
  • Fave TV show: Tie between Stargate SG-1 and Doctor Who


  • End of Q3 rush to help push projects through
  • More revisions for Fx4 redesign schedule and scope
  • Starting to plan for Q4 goals
  • Mobile projects coordination, resourcing
  • air.mozilla project kickoff
  • fave TV show of all time, hands down: The Simpsons



  • hiring
  • lots of contracts: recruiting site, internal tools, campaigns, others
  • worked with Alex P to get up and running with the leaving mozilla form
  • did webdev bug queue triage
  • finished mobile blog that look exactly like the mozilla blog
  • blocklisted personas
  • got married
  • Firefly, followed by the X-men cartoon that used to run on Saturday mornings


  • mod_auth_cas and dekiwiki work
  • PostCrashFix Email work

Favorite TV Show - Arrested Development


  • Media gallery models
  • Video uploads
  • Wiki syntax: template hook
  • Slugs! The kind that go in URLs though
  • Migration of KB articles

Favorites: Futurama, Alias


  • AMO 5.12!!
  • Trying to componentize a lot of UI patterns on the site to reduce CSS & JS growth
  • Doozer kicks it into gear
    • accidentally wound up tech lead, gonna ride that pony into the sunset

Toss up between Futurama (for epic multi-level jokes) and Rocko's Modern life (for its amazing level of subversion)


  • AUS
  • socorro
  • graphs



  • SUMO Knowledge Base
    • Edit/Review workflow
    • Some Media Gallery UI work
    • Starting L10N workflow
  • Lost


  • In Mountain View this week for Socorro Week
  • Socorro - Writing Solr calls for hBase integration for 1.9
  • Input - Minor bugs for 1.8
  • Favorite TV Series - Muppets



  • AMO bugs/launches/scheduling/organizing/planning
  • Flightdeck bugs/planning
  • meetings