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Open Items

  • Q3 wrap-up
  • Q4 -- what's in store
  • The Big Idea
  • Welcome Jason!
  • I'm reading the Socorro 1.8 notes, and under Discussion Points there's a note about viewing logs and configuration management. I've heard this a lot, so why doesn't this get resolved? I.e., why doesn't the Socorro dev team have access to view everything on those machines? (Same issues apply to most other teams, I think?) -- Ian
  • Release windows; 4pm PST releases go much easier than 7pm PST releases



  • Responsys
  • Customer Care
  • Ender's Game



  • Addons Write API
  • Non-clobbering sphinx search testing
  • Working with Aakash on Input
  • DUNE


  • Finished "showfor" stuff for SUMO Knowledgebase: platform and browser version guessing and override UI, parser that fixes misbalanced tags (since there can be no such thing as invalid wiki syntax) and then decides on block vs. inline for the {for} wiki tag, etc., etc. Phew!
  • Many code reviews: wiki templating, Babel fix, migration parserette
  • Discovered the glories of git mergetool hooked up to FileMerge.
  • Did my first floating point comparison in 5 years. (quirksmode's browser detection JS made me do it! ;-))
  • Some minor fixes
  • Naming branches like my-feature-12345 rather than 123345-my-feature makes tab completion happier.
  • Implemented wiki redirection.
  • So hard to choose just one. I'll have to go with Cryptonomicon.


  • DevTools stuff
    • Readonly page
    • Edit page
  • A bunch of nobody bugs


  • uploading files + validation + lots of logging = maybe less upload bugs
  • redis has been running on amo for almost a week
  • tried out asynchronous django signals on a background thread
    • wrapping Signal.send in try/except is safer and easier
  • breaking hudson just about every time I commit
  • making my performace graphs suck a little less
  • jamming with perl and unix pipes every now and then
gl --since='2 weeks ago' --author=jbalogh --stat | grep 'files changed' | perl -ne 'BEGIN {$ins=0; $del=0; } if(/, (\d+).*, (\d+)/) { $ins+=$1; $del+=$2 } END { print "+", $ins, ", -", $del,"\n" }'
+658, -907
  • No, I do not know how to write perl.
  • I like Ubik and the short stories from Philip K Dick; DickReader anyone?


  • Set up Accounts
  • Selected Benefits
  • Set up Computer
  • Researching mobile web design best practices
  • Dune
  • He who controls the spice, controls the universe!


  • Updated the SUMO 2.3 timeline.
  • Lots of SUMO 2.3 reviews.
  • Helped figure Customer Care stuff out with Alex and Fred.
  • Fixed our staging servers.
  • Set up another one.
  • Ender's Game, though it's a tough choice.


  • Graph Server backend work
  • Finishing up Zamboni stats data migration. MySQLdb is kind of crappy. Or something is, but I've decided to blame MySQLdb because it's not here to defend itself.
  • In the aftermath of the burst of releases, fixing packaging problems
  • Tweaking doctestjs in response to some feedback
  • Favorite: Dune. Like Laura I've also been enjoying The Hunger Games, though it's giving me weird dreams.


  • the onsite Socorro nightmare
  • motorcycling vacation
    • avoided Socorro, New Mexico
    • avoided more localized Socorro nightmares
  • I can't decide:
    • "Socorro Saucer, The closest encounter of them all", by Ray Stanford
    • "The Socorro Blast", by Pari Noskin Taichert


  • Firefighting:
    • After last webdev meeting, rest of week was consumed with 1.8 release/disaster/rollback/postmortem
    • Last week began with a day off and then grand plans to make things better
    • and ended with further disasters (consuming Thursday and Friday) due to a hole in an HBase table, which we coded around with duct tape and then later fixed thanks to Cloudera Support and help from our friends at StumbleUpon.
    • This week began with a new disaster, which took an entire day of work for the team, Cloudera, and associated contributors, revealed to be due to a failed hard drive on cm-hadoop06. Yes, Hadoop is meant to be redundant if it loses a node. As long as it's not the wrong node. And no, monitoring did not alert us to the drive going bad.
  • Science fiction:
    • Classic: Ender's Game, by Orson Scott Card, or Friday by Heinlein
    • Just read, and now on the list of awesome, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
    • Did you know it's Banned Books Week? Read something off the list.


  • Slogging through Mobile Beta pages (bug 596853, up to 114 comments for just 2 pages!)
  • Poking at CSP on blog.mozilla.com (bug 581985)
  • Last minute BYOB tweaks for post-Q3 launch
  • Fave sci-fi novel, hard to say:
    • Hyperion, by Dan Simmons - it's an epic weird far-future novel with time travel paradoxes told in the style of Canterbury Tales. And it's just the start to a series of further epic books.
    • Anything by Vernor Vinge.


  • firefox site redesign
  • firefox demos schedule and planning
  • wrapping up Q3
  • planning for Q4--gathering goals for web dev radar
  • firefox beta panda site
  • researching Jira
  • project init upgrades
  • streamlining process for site copy/content
  • Slaughterhouse-Five and Kurt Vonnegut in general


  • Goals meetings - about 8 hours of meetings last week
  • Hiring
  • Tying of loose ends
  • Nightfall, by Asimov


  • Socorro - PostCrashEmail
  • Flash Vulnerability, PFS update

Recent Favorite Rainbow's End or Daemon


  • migrating Tiki articles, branchiness FTL
  • blog post to come about migrating legacy data (might not make it this week though)
  • helped out Alex with customer care and spreadfirefox affiliates
  • excited about doing video uploads soon and planning for a new quarter

One of my favorite novels is 1984 by George Orwell, but there's a lot of good ones.


  • The wonder of stats!
    • Web Workers
    • <canvas>
    • pushState/popState
    • localStorage
    • CSS3 transitions
  • Did some experimenting with speed of Web Workers (after some prodding by jbalogh), definitely worth a blog post.
    • Built a WorkerPool for easy queueing and dispatch of worker jobs
  • v1 of my JS particle engine!
  • I, Robot (I love the thorough and exhaustive exploration of a single topic)



  • SUMO Knowledgebase
    • Completed localization workflow
    • Working on email notifications
  • Some Doozer work



  • Socorro on-site; 1.8 rollout and rollback to 1.7
    • Waiting for the hBase smoke to clear before beginning 1.7.4 work
  • Input 1.8 ready for release tonight; will start 1.9 work next week
  • Joined website taskforce
    • Helping define process to retire old/unused websites
    • Creating an archive of retired sites, much like the Wayback Machine
  • Starting air.mozilla.com upgrade next week
  • Favorite science-fiction novel: Mary Shelley's Frankenstein


  • Out today coordinating movers for my apartment.
  • Did some Customer Care work (Buchanan++ for doing the lion's share!)
  • In general, spending most my time coordinating my Bay Area move
  • Favorite Sci-Fi novel would be 1984. If it qualifies.


  • Planning AMO, FlightDeck
  • meetings, bugs
  • It's been a while, but I liked 1984 We can't all like 1984! I'll go with the Lensman Series