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Open Items

  • Hi Kumar
  • Hi Tim Cullen (MoFo contractor)
  • Nick
  • Bonus



  • Firefox Mobile 4.0b1 launch
  • Responsys migration
  • Redesign progress, JPGs
  • What do you want your URL to look like? Discuss
  • Stick man dance



  • AMO
    • Cleaned out a lot of old search bugs (even some fixes)
    • API should be ready for FlightDeck
  • Firefox Input
    • pushed 1.8
    • fixed our hudson
    • mobile themes
    • Django CSRF issues - easy to fix with jbalogh's nuggets
  • BONUS QUESTION: http://goo.gl/nqGj


  • SUMO's DB access is now in one transaction per request (on trunk). Yay, atomic writes.
  • Learned MySQL doesn't even try to replicate LIMITed write queries correctly, so don't try.
  • Lots of fleshing out of requirements: wiki polls, localization dashboard
  • Baby's first contribution to the HTML 5 spec: hidden form inputs are now un<label>able.
  • Coding: wiki redirect UI; document metadata editing, renaming, & slug-changing. Made {for} parser handle implicitly self-closing tags.
  • Filed an html5lib bug about the lxml-based parseFragment not operating to spec.
  • Documented the heck out of the new {for} wiki tag
  • Reviewed email notiications, video tags
  • Started using <detail> and <summary> tags on SUMO. There's a nice jQuery fallback, since no browser on earth supports them yet.
  • Improved bleach.linkify() so it doesn't pull invalid-in-URLs chars into URLs: makes scanning things like {hey}www.zombo.com/things{hey} work.
  • Ummm...dogburger?


  • I finally (almost) finished the edit page, and committed it to jbalogh
  • It broke Hudson horribly
  • I spent the rest of the time fixing it
  • Not sure about favorite costume


  • devhub
  • Ninja Turtle costumes had sweet weapons, particularly Michelangelo's nunchucks


  • Started doing research on mobile web design - started adding best practices to the wiki page https://intranet.mozilla.org/Going_Mobile <- please add any you might know about!
  • Began creating wireframe mockups of the mobile AMO - landing page and details page have first drafts.
  • Brainstormed / reviewed proposals for the Fx4 Demo site
  • Luigi


  • Still in the middle of the SUMO 2.3 Knowledge Base.
    • Really looking forward to the post-rewrite world of smaller milestones.
  • Looks like I'll be giving a talk on Django/Celery next month at Django-NYC. Might ask the AMO folks some questions.
  • Favorite Halloween costume (of mine?): to do House one year I carried a cane and behaved otherwise normally.


  • monkeying together my new machine to get a zamboni dev setup
  • punishing my local mysql daemon with a 2G database dump
  • starting on some simple bugs in AMO (css changes, layout changes, etc)
  • once when I was younger my Dad was a wall for Halloween. It works best if you use your imagination but I'll just say that he was an elaborately painted and constructed brick wall.
  • I'll pick up some more bugs once I get some of these finished.


  • I've been out due to a death in the family
  • I made myself a duct tape suit when I was a kid, before duct tape became so hip. I thought it was pretty cool, even if it smelled a lot. But modern duct tape clothing craftsmanship has reached levels I could not have imagined then, which takes away some of the sense of pride.


  • quietly backporting 1.8 features to 1.7.x
  • hbase stability issues are depressing
  • 1981 - digital death hooded cloak


  • At Hadoop World today, won't call in because I will be in a talk about how Facebook uses Hadoop in prod
  • More firefighting:
    • Some details in our Downtime Postmortem
    • Problems running compaction (an HBase maintenance task) means we can't run it right now. Solution on the way (I hope) - meeting with Cloudera today
    • pgexperts are back on board, reviewing our postgres setup after some locking issues
  • We now have access to staging (not webapp yet) (see [1])
  • Going to do an architectural review to see how we can bolster HBase's availability with other tools
  • We did ship 1.7.4, successfully
  • Working on 1.7.5, freeze today-ish, release next week-ish.
  • Drafted some release guidelines for Socorro that may be useful to other webdev projects
  • Estimated fallback storage requirements
  • Hiring: if you know any Hadoop Ops people, let recruiting know.
  • Bouquets to rhelmer for getting Socorro on Hudson
  • I've never worn a Halloween costume; not really big in Australia. Open to suggestions for the baby this year though :)



  • Firefox site redesign
  • air mozilla redesign
  • red panda site!
  • web dev radar housekeeping
  • Q4 projects analysis
  • demos site
  • coordinating email integration
  • fave costume: in college, Flavor Flav


  • lots of phone screens for mozilla.com and MDN roles
  • set up some contractors as well
  • figuring out how to improve how we work with mozilla.com/engagement projects
  • getting Q4 rolling with Mike Alexis
  • don't have photos, but when I was a young lad my Mom dressed me up as Andy (as in raggedy ann and andy -- it was horrible)


  • Cranked out last Q3 Socorro work
  • Setup MDN stack (phpBB, mdn Django app)
  • Bugfixes

One of my favorite costumes was Smokey Bear.


  • still on knowledge base migration, mostly
  • video and image migration too
  • fun with video player with flash fallback, just use
    [[Video:Some title]]
  • edge cases and more edge cases
  • this could be the first halloween I'd wear a costume. Ideas welcome.


  • Building support for Events (Django RSVP style app) in Batucada (Drumbeat)
  • Working with designer on UI / site architecture for Batucada
  • Experimenting with Webfinger logins.
  • Membership / engagement program planning.
  • Onboarding new contractor (Tim Cullen).

Favourite Halloween costume: A few years ago I went to a party dressed as Sandy Cohen from the OC (Peter Gallagher) which just meant taping on really big eyebrows.


  • AMO
    • Built performance UI for addons
    • Other exciting devhub UI stuff too
    • Thinking more about spriting and image perf
  • Doozer
    • >500 users!
    • pushing new content this week
  • Errata
    • Thinking about/ prototyping a bunch of jquery plugins for native drag/drop, css transforms, canvas, etc. (working name 'fivequery')
    • The Spritificator!
    • Wouldn't it be cool to turn Doozer into a general microsite platform? With SSO and stuff? I think so.



  • More SUMO 2.3/KB
    • Wiki syntax editor enhancements
    • New designs!!


  • Socorro 1.7.5, collecting and exposing crash data and filters
  • Input 1.9
  • air.mozilla.com on hold
  • website archive project starting up again late this week / early next


  • MDN
  • Input
    • version 1.9 is on track, tying up various odds and ends
    • version 2.0 will support "ideas" straight out of non-beta Firefox 4
  • SSO
  • Alex Faaborg's Intertubes costume was pretty awesome.


  • AMO 5.12.1 is code frozen (lots o' new features, not many bug fixes)
  • AMO 5.12.2 will also be lots of new features
  • In mountain view. General merriment at the festivities
  • Still filing bugs for AMO Q4 and FlightDeck stuff
  • Is taking classes to learn how to do the thriller dance. Public performance on the 24th.