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Open Items

  • Andy!
  • Meeting format
    • pick random 5
    • by project
    • by tech
    • spotlight 1-3 people
  • Brew house Wednesday



  • trying to check in some amo fixes without breaking things
  • bonfire night is the real holiday



  • Email migration. Thanks Fred and Les for helping out
  • Debugging Affiliates stats
  • Talking with jgrlicky about the mobile web
  • Tons of small things: reviews, merging to production, small fix here and there, etc



  • Input:
    • CSRF failures 2 weekends ago - resolved
    • Clumping mobile feedback
    • HTML5 Valid
  • AMO:
    • GUID search
    • Anonymous Piston API for read-only stuff
    • Icon resizing
    • Add-on deletion in API
  • Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin.


  • Went to the brown-bag with the GitHub VP of R&D. Had a great Q&A afterward which I'll probably turn into a blog article, "Things I didn't know about git"—lots of non-obvious best-practices stuff. GitHub is working on the ability to comment directly on comparisons.
  • Fixed LocaleURLMiddleware to not forget to clear its locale threadlocal on exception. The threadlocal was leaking from test to test (again—threadlocals are evil).
  • Fixed Document based_on semantics, which took forever.
  • Reviewed jsocol's enormous forums branch.
  • Helped Ricky design article polls: vastly simplified design for just P1 needs.
  • Got l10n dashboard infrastructure working and proof-of-concept of WebTrends JSON parsing.
  • Halloween is Grinch Night


  • DevHub stuff
    • View Versions
    • Upload/Validate file modal
  • "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown", of course




  • Wrote a proposal for the Fx4 Demo site interaction design with Chowse.
  • Created some graphics and fixed some bugs in the October email newsletter.
  • Made some progress on the AMO Mobile mockups.
  • Began researching how to make Mozilla.com mobile-friendly w/ Alex.



  • SUMO 2.2.7, Army of Awesome plan with William and Fred
  • SUMO 2.3 work and reviews


  • working on the new devhub Add-on submission screens (mostly layout)
  • still wrapping my head around all things Zamboni
  • started talking with potch about adding a test suite for AMO JavaScript (more on this later?)
  • I thought of a Ren & Stimpy episode where the town is haunted by a ghost that turns out to be Stimpy's escaped fart. I could've sworn this was a Halloween episode but wikipedia ruined the magic of my bad memory.


  • watched impotently as Socorro/HBase did a pogo stick impression
  • worked on a forking collector that can save into the 1.7 and 1.8 Socorro systems at the same time
  • In MV this week for a Socorro architecture meeting
  • Halloween-like cartoon: "Bimbo's Initiation" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4fXllxQa1Y "wanna be a member?"


  • Socorro onsite this week
    • Have a plan for better collectors
    • Thinking about queues
    • 1.8 version number has been retired
  • Planning for Socorro onsite
  • Job interviews
  • Worked out a Stability Plan
  • Researched various queues
  •  Treehouse of Horror


  • bug 592431 - about:home snippet server
    • working out kinks and throwing some load tests at it
  • Engagement email campaign assistance
  • Halloween cartoon
    • It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!


  • Firefox sites redesign
    • coordinating final designs
    • keeping dev and QA on track
    • .org pages resource
  • Red Panda site
  • Demos and demo site
  • Air Mozilla designs
  • Mobile Add-ons Cup kickoff
  • All 4 One planning
  • Email integration help
  • Army of Awesome updates
  • MDN roadmap/resource help
  • Web dev radar triage
  • hounding engagement and mobile teams to turn last minute Q4 goals into actual projects with actually requirements that web dev can execute.
  • Any Simpsons Tree House of Horror episode


  • interviews
    • lots of fte interviews for mdn, mozilla.com and socorro
    • talking to interns; which reminds me that if you are interested in mentoring, you should
  • working with malexis on resources
  • internal tools; new phonebook on its way
  • wrote copy for college recruiting site
  • the scrooge with mcduck


  • PostCrashEmail QA signed off (mostly security reviewed)
  • MDN 0.9.1 bugs
  • Some PFS tomfoolery (need to do more, as time permits)

The Groovy Goolies is kind of horrible, but I think I liked the reruns as a kid.




  • ¡viva la AMOLUCION!
    • developer hub
    • building a better mousetrap l10n UI
  • Basic update to the Game On site

I always remember liking the Doug Halloween special, but I can't remember a single detail from it.


  • Fixed a few socorro bugs - bug 605360, bug 604229
  • Getting Socorro and AUSv2 Hudson jobs set up on new slave
  • Somewhat functional prototype for new graph server bug 601796


  • SUMO 2.3
    • New designs
    • Article polls


  • Working predominantly on Socorro
  • Here in Mountain View for Socorro week; talking through architecture
  • Helping define Abandoned Sites retirement and archiving processes
  • Starting Input 2.0 tickets next week


  • Making Firefox Input faster and prettier
  • Helping Engagement send emails and tweets
  • Helping Legal delete data
  • Interviewing people