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Open Items

  • Passwords and account security
    • password stretching vs. not
    • password rotations
    • inactive expiry
    • challenge questions
    • unique IP limitation
    • turing
    • criticality levels
      • tier 1, maybe comments, random stuff
      • tier 2, file submissions, ability to affect others
      • tier 3, admin or editor level access
    • better activity logging at the app level
    • not using emails as a login
    • password complexity requirements
    • account lock after # of failed logins
  • Images on seperate domain
  • Image verification
  • Anonymize scripts
  • Q1 goals



  • 5.12.6 and 5.12.7
  • Flightdeck helping


  • Tracing over the MDN Demo Gallery
  • Decompression
  • Fireworks on Hilton Head Beach makes for a great NYE


  • New year - working on my AMO favorites: Search, API, Addon Logs and Input
  • Favorite Venue: I'm not that into NYE... but I bet it'd be awesome in NYC.


  • Discovered the joys of PLY, a Python port of lex and yacc. It's an LALR parser that uses quasi-Pythonic introspection to build both lexers and parsers. Very mature, great docs, no bugs I've hit so far.
  • Lead some initial design work on a more generic email (and other?) notification system for SUMO (but other Django apps too).




  • Implemented mobile SUMO Landing Page
  • Worked on Firefox 4b8 Screenshots
  • Made a lot of progress on mobile AMO high-fi mockups


  • NYE: Easy Bistro with live soul/funk music was awesome.


  • Took a train from Michigan to New York.
    • Slowest. Transportation. Ever.
    • Pittsburgh's train station sucks.
  • 2011 is prime and the sum of 11 (prime) consecutive primes (157-211).
  • Absorbing changes to SUMO's Q1 schedule and dividing up the workload.
  • Breaking up another year-long goal into manageable parts.
  • Venue: Grand Army Plaza was pretty excellent.



  • I've been working a lot on integrating the add-on validator into AMO's add-on submission pages and also version management pages
    • interface for viewing errors / code context
    • lot of JS
    • some of file uploading / celery tasks
  • We sort of have a JavaScript test suite for AMO now
    • todo: integrate into Hudson CI with jstestnet


  • I'm a big fan of late night house parties with good friends and good music. No man to tell you when to go home.


  • defended Fort Socorro all by myself during the holidays
  • created new crash submitter suitable for load testing
  • started stress testing the 176 collector
  • there must have been other things



  • Spent 2 weeks aiming to be as lazy as possible and de-stress at the end of 2010.
  • Diving back into MDN Demo Gallery
  • Fave NYE venue:
    • My friend Steve's basement, filled with arcade machines and beer.


  • Red Panda site updates
  • College site content
  • Join Mozilla kickoff
  • Mobile Launch campaign planning
  • Gathering Web dev radar Q1 projects
  • Demos microsite and MDN Demo Room coordination
  • Fave NYE venue: Home, asleep by 11:30.


  • recruiting: interviews, finding contractors and full-time
  • addons-cup and college site here and there
  • getting james up to speed and helping with www team
  • goals
  • hawaii is a great place to celebrate new year's... never seen so many illegal fireworks in one place


  • Trying to upstream security patches with Mindtouch
  • Dealing with L10n dekiwiki issues (various L10n wrangling)
  • Fixing Security issues
  • Started Dekicombat (Django auth that uses dekiwiki)
  • Helping out with Socorro email admin feature
  • Working with WeightShift on a microsite

Favorite New Year's Venue: Hot tub in the snow


  • Happy new year! 2011 is a sexy prime, because 2017 is prime also :)
  • Doing SUMO work by myself / with James over the holidays
  • Partied enough in early December so I mostly stayed home with family for the last 2 weeks.


  • Staging new drumbeat.org on MoFo/Labs Cluster
  • Creating final list of blocker bugs
  • Security review
  • Coming up with deployment plan (branching strategy, automating, etc).

NYE Venue: My new house


  • AMOing it up
  • Doozer is in its home stretch (submissions close next week!)
  • playing with a canvas toolkit/library in my spare time
  • Removed my DecemBeard, feel like a new man

NYE Location: Lake house in the middle of nowhere


New years, shmew years.


  • Was PTO most of the Holidays
  • Now back fixing SUMO 2.4.x bugs

I haven't found a favorite NYE venue, but would love to experience Times Square ball drop once in my lifetime.


  • Retired 10 websites as part of Mozilla website archive project.
  • Socorro 1.7.7 in progress.
    • Will be rewriting all Socorro UI in new doc format.
  • Input 3.0.
  • Vacation in Phuket; working from Chiang Mai first 2 weeks of January.
  • Chiang Mai was pretty awesome this New Years Eve.


  • Firefox Input 3.0 is well on its way. It'll support feedback from Firefox release versions >= 4.0!
  • Input received its 1 millionth feedback item yesterday!
  • Working on our website template: playdoh. Thanks for helping everyone!
  • Clogging holes in getpersonas. Sigh.