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Open Items

  • Goals peek
  • Rypple feedback
  • Hiring update



  • AMO 5.12.* and 6.0.0
  • At coofoo.ca next week
  • Anywhere sunny and warm (not here)



  • Input 3.3 bugs
  • 5.12.* bugs
  • More elastic search stuff
  • Fix sphinx timeouts on input
  • Minneapolis - because I'm going there in spring when it's actually not gross there.


  • New major release of nose-progressive, a progress bar-having, fast-traceback-printing, editor-shortcut-giving, rootin' tootin' plugin for nose (works with django-nose, too)
  • Army of Awesome filtering
  • Various L10n Dashboard SUMO bugs
  • Birthday!
  • Nose's test generators don't work in TestCase subclasses, just so you don't wonder. (It's documented but subtly.)
  • Wrote Google Summer o' Code proposal seed about a new MediaWiki parser
  • Mom's basement





  • Designing and implementing mobile layout for W.O.W.!



  • SUMO 2.6 (mobile) going out tonight
  • SUMO 2.6.1 next week
  • 2.6.2 the week after
  • Planning Q2.
  • woooo!


  • Fancy new Editor tools are in AMO now.
  • Fancy new (standalone) addon validator
  • Some fixes to mobile addon support in AMO
  • at PyCon next week spreading the tox gospel (specifically, how to develop for Python 2 and 3 at the same time)
  • spring break: wait, WE GET SPRING BREAK?!


  • Socorro 1.7.7 stuff
    • backported the 1.8 signature utilities
    • reworked signature generation so that 'irrelevantSignatuesRegEx' is applied throughout signature processing rather than just at the beginning.p
    • added backing off retry to all database transactions within the processor
    • rewrote the processor unit tests
    • changed signature generation to match C++ module names in lower case iff Windoze is detected
  • Spring Break destination:
    • 44.537632N 123.279347W


  • In MV this week for interviews
  • Socorro 1.7.7
    • Frozen, likely push next Tuesday
  • Socorro 1.7.8 planning
  • May see some slippage due to Firefox 4 (already slipping 1.7.7)
  • General triage
  • Interviews
  • Best spring break: Eventing camp in Southern Pines, NC but I'm not going this year, back problems


  • squashing MDN Demo Studio security bugs for launch
  • preparing Fx4 launch-day snippets with new service
  • helping BYOB recover from disk crash
  • Started writing some docs on the snippet service
  • Twitter Collage code inspection, stewarding
  • fave spring break destination:
    • My couch, with my wife, a homebrew in my hand.
      • If it's especially nice, maybe on the back deck


  • Fx4 projects launch planning schedules
  • Join Mozilla fire extinguishing
  • Twitter collage
  • ReMo planning
  • Spark stuff
  • Domesday planning
  • Spring Break? I wish.



  • Microsite silent launch today
  • Playing with Mobile web app stuff
  • Plugin Check page update (blocked on creative)


  • Helping SUMO go mobile - working on Ask a question process with Ricky last week
  • Check out SUMO mobile with your Android or iPhone: http://support.mozilla.com
  • ... or do it on the desktop by setting a cookie msumo=on, and use potch's mobilify jetpack
  • Blog post today or tomorrow about what a data store using HTML5 technologies would look like
  • Traveling to Europe this Wednesday (San Francisco -> London -> Bucharest), will be working remotely for a few weeks.


  • Helping Join Mozilla get staged, tested and reviewed.
  • Releasing new drumbeat.org on Monday (w/ upgrade to Django 1.2.5).
  • Planning next iteration for drumbeat.org.
  • Working with P2PU and their new tech lead to coordinate dev work.
  • What's spring break?


  • Finishing up First Run
  • Download Stats
  • Mobile AMO goes live this week!
  • Implementing redesign of AMO pages- exciting changes afoot!
  • I used to love going to the Jersey Shore in the winter when nobody was there, and act like fools.


  • working on Socorro 1.7.7
  • switched graphserver staging to graphs.allizom.org
  • going to finish setting up new production server soon bug 627446


  • SUMO 2.6 - Mostly about mobile
    • Goes to prod tonight!
  • Created my first addon dotjs
  • Culebra is a great place to go for spring break or anytime.


  • Socorro 1.7.7
  • Input 3.3
  • Spark stewarding, mediation
  • Website taskforce tasks
  • Spring break? What's that?


  • Held contractors' hands for various Fx4 launch projects
  • reducing playdoh's rough edges
  • Had a meeting with Labs about SSO and Mozilla ID.
  • Landed some preliminary "release suggestions" clustering code for Input, as we are waiting for Matrics' scalable text clustering solution to take shape
  • Doing some routine, but time-sucking US immigration stuff
  • Went to Fort Lauderdale a few days before Spring Break a few years ago, and it was actually quite pleasant! Who would have thought.