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Open Items

  • getting ready for Gary roundtable
  • webdev goals
  • team updates!





  • removing stuff from BrandThunder
  • do more highcharttin' on input graphs
  • moz-piston gets patches... and I reject them
  • Fixed timeouts on input
  • finding sphinx suddenly limiting for input
  • Flightdeck Elastic Search patch landed more search coming soon
  • Clean ugly locales
  • Clean incomplete add-ons
  • Cleaned extra categories
  • Dedupe activity feed
  • Fixed search relevance bug for CoolIris
  • Filed IT bugs for Input-sphinx
  • Code Reviews
  • Devtools team interviews
  • Started automating database anonymizing and slimming
  • http://search.twitter.com/search?q=%23webdev+%23meeting


  • Added filters to Army of Awesome. Stopped it from infinite-scrolling in a circle.
  • New nose-progressive, the human-centric testrunner™ :-)—now with better handling of SyntaxError exceptions
  • Interviews: WebDevs and DBAs, oh my!
  • Send out different notification mails depending on your relationship to a KB question. Yay, new notification system!
  • Some design work on user dashboards
  • Big refit of Most Visited Translations dashboard
  • FF4 refit of Ask a Question process
  • Made celery exceptions no longer get swallowed during tests. Now we can see where things are breaking.
  • Shamrock shakes!




  • Bumping and grinding on glow.allizom.org
  • Causing people problems
  • AMO
  • St. P Family Tradition: Drinking Leprechaun Blood


  • Mobile version of Web of Wonder
  • Updates to firefox.com/m design


  • Pushed out Firefox RC web content last week
  • Full steam on Firefox 4 web content, getting ready for final release!
  • Got married, went on honeymoon


  • Shipped SUMO 2.6.1 and 2.6.2.
  • Moving NFS mounts to PHX.
  • Working on SUMO 2.7, user and group dashboards.
  • Wrapping up Q1 goals and planning Q2.
  • There is really only one St. Patrick's Day tradition. Toss-up between that and Shamrock Shakes, which I suspect have highly addictive narcotics in them. (Do they make you crave them fortnightly?)


  • More fixes and features for the addon editor tools in AMO
  • Some tweaks to the addon validator in the AMO devhub
  • was at PyCon speaking on how to develop against Python 2 and 3: http://pycon.blip.tv/file/4879179/
    • Also: fwenzel, Paul Osman, and I held an open space on playdoh and got some good feedback and ideas. Blog post forthcoming.
  • St Patrick's Day? hmm... not a custom but I have fond memories of whiskey + south side of Chicago parade.


  • Socorro:
    • watched helplessly as more HBase trauma halted processing
      • Socorro has gotten pretty good at working without HBase
    • watched helplessly as IT unexpectedly messed with Zeus
      • Socorro can't do much when it can't see Postgres and HBase
    • focusing on fine tuning the modularization
      • this will allow the other organizations adopting Socorro to skip HBase
    • unproductive pining for Python 2.7 with argparse
    • discovered and corrected an omission in the database of a foreign key constraint
      • it prevented the Socorro/Bugzilla associator from track bugs that changed titles several times in a single day
  • St Patrick's Day Tradition:
    • Leprechaun Barbecue feast


  • Won't be calling in, I'm at SXSW
    • Talked about Socorro, it went well
    • Went to Hadoop meetup
    • Leaving shortly, see you online tomorrow.
  • Came out to MV, hiring some people
  • Planning Q2 and beyond: how to support new release cadence
  • Small amount of Socorro 1.7.7 stuff
  • Started twiddling with buildbot api
  • St Patrick's day: feed horses (they're Irish) a Guinness each. Consume leftovers.


  • Fighting off some form of plague
  • bug 636815 - Massaging 700+ localized snippets into staging
  • Wrestling with Twitter Collage
  • Poking at Kuma
  • St. Patrick's Day:
    • Avoiding any beer light enough to accept green food coloring; keeping the bottle of Jameson's to myself.


  • Join Mozilla
  • Domesday/ReMo
  • PTO/the Flu
  • Flux dev stuff/wrapping up Fx4 projects
  • Spark campaign



  • http://webowonder.org is alive... (1.1 and 1.2 released)
  • 1.3 ships today, working on 2.0 with jgrlicky
  • Stewarding ReMo

Hanging with Patty and drinking


  • Blog post on DataStore, JS library to help with storing data and processing requests
  • SUMO
    • Users/Dashboards improvements: Announcements app bug 638472, Dashboards skeleton bug 638470
    • Upgrade to bleach 1.0 (thanks James for filing/reviewing)
    • Template section in the localization dashboard bug 621896
    • Bunch of other SUMO 2.7 work.





  • SUMO 2.6.2 and 2.7
  • QUnit tests!


  • Flux
    • Spark
    • Markup
    • Webify Me
    • Fx4 Upgrade
  • Retiring Spread Firefox
  • Socorro 1.7.7
  • Input 3.3 / 3.4
  • Website Taskforce
    • Documenting processes
    • Documenting product owners


  • Flux
    • Input 3.3/3.4
    • Facebook badges
  • Sat through an entire agency marketing presentation, interesting world
  • Pushed software to production from an airplane, ZOMG
  • Went to PyCon, tried to source some new employees
    • hosted a PyCon OpenSpace on playdoh w/Kumar and Paul Osman
  • submitted a talk on playdoh to OSBridge