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Open Items

  • Open Web Applications
  • Q1 goals
  • All-hands!
    • Logging
    • Playdoh 101
    • Deployment
    • Webdev Flashbang
    • Open web apps
  • Positive reinforcement, brought to you by morgamic


  • AMO
  • SUMO
    • Celeryd refusing to restart
  • Socorro
    • 100% of crashes from 4.0 releases to midnight last night
    • surprisingly calm
    • version numbers - code that is dependent on firefox version numbers are likely to change
  • Flux
    • Spark went out
    • Markup campaign as well... still waiting on code
    • Facebook badges app
    • Web o Wonder mobile site launched Friday
  • Input
  • mozilla.com
  • foundation
    • new popcorn.js coming out soon
    • new version of drumbeat - search and comments! jumping on the elastic search bandwagon.


  • paypal and editor tools fun for AMO
  • seeing screenshots of glow on all the news sites




  • Fixed circular infinite scroll in Army of Awesome.
  • Added unsubscribe links and view to notifications system.
  • 90% done breaking off SUMO's async email (atm) notification system. Calling it django-tidings. (There are already about 3 things called "django-notifications".)
  • Fielded student interest in my MediaWiki parser GSoC project.
  • Showed my parents around town.



  • MDN 0.9.4
    • buglist
    • new locales - th, id, ro
    • fixing demo submission caching
  • MDN 1.x
    • bug for stage environment
    • porting 0.9.4 changes into kuma/mdn branch
    • enabled kuma wiki app & integrated ckeditor
  • Launch Day Activity
    • learning more django?


  • glow
  • amo
  • fave moment: potch in a robe


  • Finished up Web of Wonder work, wooooo!~
  • Mozilla.com designs for mobile.


  • Finished mozilla.com milestone 1.5, which includes Firefox 4 desktop and mobile launch!
  • Gearing up for the work week, digesting the following:
    • Fixing up current tests and integrating back into hudson
    • Monitoring tools
    • Switching from SVN to git




  • finished porting editor tools to Zamboni, woo
  • trying to make mobile development more sensible in AMO Devhub

Favorite launch moment(s)

  • Great to see so much buzz around Glow
  • Interesting to see people react to the new Firefox changes, things like browse by name


  • trying to prove the crash spike in 4.0 wasn't Socorro's fault
    • turns out it Socorro was telling the truth
  • Socorro 1.7.8 dev stuff
    • new config management
    • generic app framework
    • postgres merging into crash storage system
  • diagonally porting a 1.7.6 experiment to 1.7.7
  • favorite launch moment: 10:17:23 PDT


  • Juggling cats. No, really.
  • Socorro processed 100% of Firefox 4 crashes until midnight last night. Found a bottleneck: cron jobs
  • Minor freakout about the crash spike caused by Norton
  • Finalizing staging environments (yes plural)
  • Working to get signoff on 1.7.7
  • Plotting Q2
  • Blogged about other Socorro users
  • Interviews, again.
  • Favorite moment: watching boxes stay up effortlessly during and after the release. Yippee-ki-yay.



  • Influencer campaign
  • Flux projects coordination
  • Launch preparing
  • All hands planning
  • Fave launch moment: MC Potch



I really liked watching glow and drinking a celebratory IPA on Fx4 launch night.



  • Working on comments and search for drumbeat.org
  • Building django-salmon. A Django app for drop-in salmon protocol support on comments / replies / mentions.
  • Continuing to steward join mozilla. Contractors working on Responsys integration.
  • More MoFo tech updates

Favourite Launch Moment: Being called irrelevant compared to IE9, then doubling their downloads in half the time.



  • socorro work continues
    • firefox 4 now throttled at 10%
      • learned a lot from having it run unthrottled for a week
      • first throttle casualty was totally unexpected (nightly correlation reports)
  • graphserver progress blog post
  • favorite launch moment: socorro not falling over (woo!)


  • SUMO 2.7 (Users and Groups) and 2.7.1
  • Some initial js testing


  • spark.mozilla.org launched. Woo.
  • Markup, WebifyMe, Influencers in progress.
  • Process documentation
  • Socorro, Input
  • Retiring Spread Firefox, Firefox Live
  • Indentifying more sites to unplug


  • released "facebook badges" for Fx4 and Mobile
  • code-reviewed MarkUp, hurt a little
  • Input meetings about Firefox roadmap (ooo, four-part version numbers once again!)