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Open Items



  • First \o/
  • Installed Socorro
  • Learning ElasticSearch
  • Don't know any American candy yet...


  • AMO File viewer, 6.0.7, 8 and so on releases
  • Getting AMO hooked into Arecibo, death to error emails
  • Reviving vancouver user groups
  • Wrote first addon, currently breaks github quite well
  • Yay for not being first alphabetically
  • Candy? Jelly babies.


  • Redesigned Socorro report list for increased usability
  • Began prototyping parts of DLL directory
  • Working with Playdoh and Python
  • Working UI tweaks list in Bugzilla
  • Starting work on Personas
  • Favorite Candy: Cadbury Creme Eggs



  • Getting up to speed -- absorption mode!
  • Invite me to meetings


  • Finished up code for FD frontend search
  • Streamlining Input so all submission and dashboards are similar
  • Flux team has more meetings than I anticipated
  • Working on webdev bootcamp
  • Metrics + Webdev + IT = Elastic Search clusters for all
  • Interviews
  • Hardboiled eggs we used to paint them...


  • Blogged about my humane nose plugin
  • Chose a Google Summer of Code student. Our mission: have a good Python MediaWiki parser by the end of the summer.
  • Reviewsreviewsreviews, interviewsinterviewsinterviews.
  • New refinement to the model-makers pattern for Django tests: the with_save() decorator.
  • Designed revamp of "showfor" syntax so the SUMO knowledgebase can support rolling FF releases.
  • Ender.js is my new favorite 8K JS lib—though you don't have to use the whole, heavy 8K of it ;-). Decoupled, mentally compact, orthogonal, and pretty. Search for "Jeesh" in the readme, and skip all that package management cruft.
  • Optimized username autocomplete query from 5 secs down to .01: MySQL profiler ftw!
  • SUMO is now using a release of django-tidings.
  • Anybody else use runserver_plus and have it quit instead of reloading on code change sometimes?
  • Anything chocolate and peanut butter. All hail George Washington Carver!





  • MAMO Personas designs
  • Blog Post
  • Mozilla.com research
  • Reese's Eggs


  • Integrating new design for happy/sad/idea page on input
  • Rehauling newsletter signup on mozilla.com to reduce code duplication
  • Pushed out mozcom 2.1, minor bugfixes
  • Cadbury mini eggs, by far


  • Talked to some Etsy folks last week about deployment. Really interesting stuff.
  • Trying to speed up SUMO's release cycle.
  • Helping out with Mobile in NYC this week.
  • Fixin' bugs. Reviewin' code. Google-stalkin' candidates.


  • Started planning and building the bulk addon validator that we'll use to automatically test and upgrade addons for compatibility with Firefox 5, 6, etc.
  • Lots of small tweaks to Addon Editor Tools
  • Lots of great work from Ricky on jstestnet -- the server is currently migrating to a new host at the moment though.
  • Friendly kumar vs. andym rivalry for Chicago vs. Vancouver ice hockey. Tonight one of us will be sad!
  • midnight hacking: spike to try socket.io + Tornado to execute JavaScript remotely on web browsers that are connected to jstestnet
  • Easter candy? I used to love those Cadbury eggs with the fake yolk. Just the other day as my adult self I was thinking how they are kind of gross so I tried one on Sunday. I still liked it :)


  • Socorro
    • assisted in minor fire drill during 1.7.7 push
    • continued extensive refactoring for 1.7.8


  • Triaged Socorro 1.7.8
  • Shipped 1.7.7
  • Onboarding new guys (hi new guys!)
  • In Berlin this week for Elmo sprint
  • Chocolate. Period.


  • Socorro
    • new dashboard page
    • started integrating user created reports
  • Candy -- the chocolate bunny




  • hiring
  • goals
  • transition planning
  • wrangling careers stuff
  • Peeps. I love peeps -- I can eat an entire box of them in one bite.
    • Say "fuzzy bunny"


  • WebOWonder release tomorrows
  • Webifyme from TBG staged
  • Mozillians Project work
  • In MV Wed - Fri

Cadbury Mini-Eggs are addictive



  • made some small improvements to Playdoh pushed to origin/base (getting my feet wet)
  • suggested a new way to deal with settings in Playdoh (branch under active review)
  • made all (all 21 of them ) old elmo tests run in django_nose
  • (currently) in Berlin for Elmo sprint with pike, stas, laura



  • socorro 1.7.7 shipped!
  • working on AUS changes for new rapid release schedule
    • "channel changing" feature
  • graphserver production Coming Soon
  • easter candy - chocolate addiction relapse


  • SUMO 2.8.x work (Users+Groups, Private Messaging)
  • Updated kitsune to Django 1.3
  • Making kitsune more secure with django-session-csrf
  • Easter candy: Marshmallow Easter Bunnies



  • FlightDeck search
  • FlightDeck UI reskinning


  • interviews
  • stewarding Markup project
  • talking L10n, a lot.


  • Weekly AMO launches; Bi-weekly builder launches
  • Q2 plan (1/3rd over already...)
  • intern plan
  • interviews n' meetings
  • configured gpg in thunderbird so I can read security bugmail again (*not turned on in bugzilla yet...)