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Open Items



  • Elmo:
  • Socorro:
    • Creating a new API for the middleware to use ElasticSearch.
    • The search functionality is on it's way and should be ready soon.


  • Helping getting the automatic compatability tool out.
  • Some password security requests for AMO and playdoh.
  • Will be working on presentations for Djangocon.eu.
  • Arecibo is running for stage and test servers if anyone would like to use.
  • People wanting to read parts of the scripture to me who knocked on our door Saturday. They must have been fake.


  • Add-on Packager
  • Validator bugs/enhancements


  • Socorro 1.7.8 bugs, including python middleware issues
  • Last few personas bugs
  • Preparing models for DLL directory
  • Taking first look at AMO



  • Scripts to scan all domains and measure analytics coverage nearly complete. First pass: 383 domains, 160 OK, 19 have Webtrends installed.
  • Snippets project kicked off -- who doesn't want to work on a project that would be viewed by 6 BILLION monthly visitors?
  • Hendrix.mozilla.org retired.
  • Community store is still offline. Gathering metrics to determine next step. Analytics: 550 visitors/daily, Sales: TBD



  • Welcome, Tanay!!!!!111eleven
  • Interviewed Jeff, Rob
  • Started talking with Django committers about merging in my test optimizations. Reception was good. Have to figure out what to do about rows added to tables other than those explicitly referenced by the fixture data—for instance, via post-save signals.
  • Implemented showfor "browser expressions" like ">=fx4" and "=fx35" in SUMO wiki.
  • A bunch of little wiki tweaks
  • GSoC MediaWiki parser project: very probably going to go with a memoizing PEG parser and disambiguate apostrophes as a post-processing step. Pijnu is the frontrunner parsing kit at the moment.
  • Gotta go with Childhood's End, the original alien-ships-hovering-over-human-cities story.




  • Mozilla.com rapid release mobile mockups makin'
  • Blog postin'
  • Coastal vacationin'


  • Released Firefox 5 beta on mozilla.com (desktop/mobile)
  • Other small bugs for mozilla.com and Input


  • On site through Thursday.
  • Fixin' SUMO bugs.
  • Reviewin' patches.
  • Helping welcome Tanay and get him up to speed.
  • Ran Hack and Tell last night.
  • Testing convo today.
  • Chat hack day.
  • Gamma-ray burst.



  • Socorro
    • last minute changes to 1.7.8
    • 2.0 planning
    • TCBS replacement experiments
  • EOW - ASCII code 0xFF



  • MDN 0.9.5
    • feature page
    • buglist
    • allow users to "hide" their demos; allow admins to 'censor' demos
    • might have an enhancement to make to django-cache-machine if I can figure out how to run its tests
  • MindTouch 10 upgrade
    • $#@%& MindTouch :(
  • Tulsa School of Dev web app security presentation
  • I went to Confession at 5:50pm; apparently I'll have to go again in October?



  • Snippets
    • Wranging support issues and snippet requests
  • MDN
    • Wrangling tags and dev derbying


  • Resurrecting Affiliates program
  • Resurrecting College Recruiting site
  • Getting QMO team together
  • Snippets resources
  • Goals setting
  • PFS requirements gathering
  • Keeping Web dev radar and gantt current


  • hiring for webdev and other teams
  • working on management stuff with Deb (first meeting is Wednesday @ 9am)
  • Fav. story: Foundation and Earth


  • Kicking off Mozillians.org PRD
  • Performing first-aid on Webifyme victims

Favorite end-of-the-world story: Heaven's Gate


  • Starting work on new web app, codenamed 'betafarm'. Goal is to combine Drumbeat, Mozilla Labs and Mozilla Research's web presence. Site will eventually be called "Innovate Mozilla" or "Mozilla Next" or something like that (branding tbd).
  • Working on improvements to the Knight Mozilla challenges framework.
  • Looking at ways to improve our deployment process (Fabric!).
  • Shoe-horning some process into the Join Mozilla program. Stewarding contractors working on Blue State Digial / Responsys integration.

Fav EOW: Tower of Hanoi! Only 2^64 - 1 seconds at one disk / second!


  • Landed some bugs to speed up slow naive Django ORM queries
  • Removed the hacks needed when elmo stored the email address as the username
  • Jenkins now successfully build elmo based on the same instructions as new developers
  • Helped upgrade elmo live to use the new version based on Playdoh

"If Jesus actually arrives May 21, it'll be easy to convince skeptics. If he doesn't show up, do the faithful become atheists?"


  • Project Impala has a pretty homepage! https://addons.allizom.org/z/i/
    • Details page is hopefully wrapping up this week
  • Hack and Tell last night was super turbo awesome sauce
    • I'll help arrange the next one

"Don't cross the streams." "Why?" "It would be bad."


  • Other stuff
    • fixing Socorro bugs
    • code review, code review, code review
  • hosted a baby shower on doomsday - optimism++


  • SUMO 2.8.x
    • Private Messaging
    • Password blacklist
    • Other bugs
  • Starting to work on Karma




  • First week was a success
  • Got kitsune stack set up
  • Learning git, kitsune
  • Fixed a bunch of minor bugs, working my way up
  • Settling into the workflow
  • Great to be back in Mt View!


  • Learnin' the ropes! (i.e. bugging wenzel/dd)
  • Implementing new Mobile Dashboard (based on chowse's HTML mockup) for input.mozilla.org
  • Landed some quick fixes for Input; working on some others to get a better sense of the codebase
  • Got to work on nightly.mozilla.org (that was cool -- thanks morgamic!)
  • Met a bunch of folks in Mountain View
  • Thinking of ways to improve docs for the next newbie
  • Getting involved with Mozillians this week -- wenzel and rsnyder gave me a good idea of the goals last week

Thanks for the help/welcomes so far!

Favourite EOW Story: http://theoatmeal.com/comics/rapture


  • phone screening people
    • and finding great new hires! Welcome tofumatt!
  • Markup didn't launch last week
    • found performance problems
    • in the process of ironing them out


  • AMO pushes/freezes/traiges/schedules
  • Builder freeze this friday. only 1 more before SDK 1.0 ships
  • Making sure we're on track for Q2 goals
  • Had a crazy dream last night about the end of the world. There was a giant tidal wave coming towards us, with 3 or 4 downed airliners in it. And I was driving towards it as fast as I could in this pickup truck filled with explosives (not sure what we were gonna do, but apparently we had a plan). Anyway, there was a guy in the bed of my truck on a 4-wheeler trying to start it with a pull cord like a lawn mower. That was the most vivid scene, the rest of it is kinda muddled, although I do recall a scene in a kitchen next to a guy recovering from the wave hitting. Everything was wet.