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Meeting will be in Peanut Butter Jelly; Dial in is x.300.


  • Morgamic is out today; meeting proceeds per usual
  • New folks!
  • Todd Update
  • Goals reminder
  • Off-site
    • Enter your email address and travel info in the spreadsheet.
    • Ryan will send in your email address to Open Source Bridge, they will email you a registration link.
    • Travel
      • Expense a cab ride / Caltrain to SJC/SFO if needed
      • Take the Max to downtown PDX
    • Working on Mozilla Party
    • Working on a team activity
  • Team Updates
    • AMO
    • Drumbeat
    • Flux
    • Infrasec
    • MDN
      • shipping 0.9.5 today (Developer Derby)
    • SUMO
    • UX
    • Web Production
    • Web Tools
      • Shipped Socorro 1.7.8, now working on 2.0 (ElasticSearch)
      • Elmo still waiting on new infra, now on weekly triage mtgs (tell laura if you want to contribute), staticfiles!
      • Build API project morphed into "add to existing build api"
      • graphs 2 RC status on graphs-new, looking for developer/community input
      • Adopting Weekly Updates project for Q3


Enter your updates below. +971 points if you add your favorite dish to put bacon on. Vegetarians, you can earn points by entering your favorite fake meat.


  • Socorro 2.0 on the track
  • Middleware API for ElasticSearch and PostgreSQL is almost ready


  • At djangocon.eu, apologies for missing.
  • Bacon butties.



  • Killing Socorro bugs and helping get 1.7.8 released
  • Finishing up last issues on Personas for push


  • MDN navigation and front page redesign
  • AMO Developer Hub touch-ups
  • I like my bacon on MOAR BACON


  • New magic Mozilla domain number: 417 -- wiki page is auto-magically generated from shell scripts on Khan.



  • Worked on a chat prototype using gevent and socketio in Python. Custom bare-bones WSGI server. Should scale to hundreds if not thousands. Redis pubsub backend to support multiple chat servers.
  • Hunting for a good intern project
  • Ready-for-l10n flag (and associated semantic ripples throughout the system), a Q2 SUMO goal




  • Moved into a new office! A++++, hope to never work from home again
  • Tried to get things rolling on mozilla.com/.org merge
  • Helped out Firefox Home guys a bit
  • Blog posts!
  • Salad? Anything, really.



  • SUMO roadmapping.
    • Starting to look toward Q3.
    • Zeroing in on a chat server implementation.
  • Working with QA to improve our Selenium test suite.
  • Working with IT to improve and automate deployment.
  • Talking about scottbot again next week.
  • Favorite thing to put bacon on: More bacon! (Or an omelet with gruyère or chèvre and thinly sliced green apples.)


  • Checking addon compatibility for Firefox 6
    • then auto-upgrading or sending sad emails
  • Integrating with addon performance testing service
  • Four Loko Chili?


  • Socorro
    • minor contributions to the push of 1.7.8
    • project killwolf - worked on resolution for
      • replace TCBS and TCBU
      • new FF channel system eff'd our aggregate data views
      • osdims table shows that FF is used by more than 2K os/version combos
        • need to reduce to maybe 4 or 5
    • guidance/advice for new intiatives
  • favorite dish to put bacon on:
    • http://bit.ly/jtKTeN
    • those dishes that I pulled from my mother's basement in 1986 and have used daily for twenty-five years turn out to be the subject of a collector's cult


  • See Webtools updates above
  • Clarified needed reports for the four channel system with crashkill team
  • BuildAPI work
  • Code reviews
  • Starting to plan Q3
  • Bacon? On a fresh, warm from the oven, crusty baguette.







  • Mozillians
    • Getting LDAP Consultant on board
    • Working through design and copy
    • Learning LDAP
  • Running interference on Newsletter Preference work
  • Babysitting Webifyme


  • Working on hiring plan for foundation webdev team.
  • Planning iteration and release schedule for Betafarm.
  • Starting to plan out Mozilla festival website.
  • Cutting up Andy's mockups into Django templates (http://betafarm.mozillalabs.com)


  • PTO'ed two days plus UK Bank holiday made for a big break
  • ripping more embedded javascript and css out to be bundled
  • decided to switch from jingo_minify to django.contrib.staticfiles. rewrites rewrites rewrites.
  • various easy bug fixes done
  • started writing basic unit tests for every view template that renders static files in some form
  • launched my private project on Saturday Kwissle
    • featured on HN
    • about 300 users signed up
  • bacon?! mhee! I'm more a sausage kinda guy


  • Impala v1 is in QA! w00
  • Thinking about mobile pjax-iness
  • LESS is awesome. You should try it!
    • Les is also awesome, but you already knew that.


  • worked on Socorro 1.7.8/, helping out w/ Socorro 2.0 tasks
  • working on incoming graphs 2.0 bugs
  • encouraging community participation in graphs/socorro
    • vagrant support for both
    • blogging, also participating in external irc/forums



  • Went to SudWeb http://sudweb.fr/
  • Holidays ! (and a sprained ankle on the first day)
  • Fight with Vagrant/Puppy
  • Getting used to tuxedo
  • Mozilla.com


  • Meetings, meetings
  • Product Owner documentation
  • Abandoned Sites
  • Launching Markup
  • Helping WebifyMe roadblocks
  • OSBridge planning
  • Prioritization
  • Favorite bacon dish - Millas - Bed of polenta, bacon, fried egg, paprika, drizzle of maple syrup


  • Preparing for FlightDeck beta!
  • Camped down in San Diego
  • Ate plenty of bacon each morning.


  • Settled in very well.
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs, very comfortable with Kitsune.
  • Working with ErikRose and the SUMO team to get a long-term intern project; hopefully will have one this week.
  • Bacon is best on burgers. Thick, crispy, salty bacon. Mmmm.


  • Reviewed the Firefox sheriff app (Ruby/Sinatra web app) -- my thoughts are captured in this bug. Basically: I think we'll need to do a re-write here; there seems to be a number of bugs out-of-the-gate.
  • Mostly worked on Input, including finishing a new mobile dashboard which is pretty cool.
  • We're having troubles with Input on the staging server (it's going crazy with CPU usage) so a few of us are trying to track that problem down and fix it. It's affecting other staging sites, or at least was yesterday :-(
  • I'll be shifting gears to Mozillians soon.
  • Some Webdev bootcamp stuff too.

Best thing to put bacon on? Obviously: bacon.

My favourite (and only liked) fake meat is the Yves veggie taco ground beef stuff. I made tacos last night with it and they were DELICIOUS.


  • Interviewing possible new hires, and embarrassing actual new hires at the Monday meeting (welcome, Mike Kelly!)
  • Code reviews for contractors (Markup's almost ready!)
  • getting the mozilla.com/org merge back up to speed!
  • Best thing to put bacon on? The question is, what not to put bacon on! Chocolate ice cream perhaps? Thoooough...


  • so much stuff; Getting down to the wire on Q2 goals, making sure we hit them
  • lots of exciting stuff landing these days