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Open Items

  • Q2 review
  • Q3 draft goals
  • Thu 7 Jul 2011 02:00 PM – 03:00 PM -- Lightening (en-lightening, get it?) talks this Thursday -- you should go!
  • Potch wants to switch jingo-minify to use an all-node minifier stack.



  • Socorro 2.0 released last week
  • ElasticSearch awesomeness to come soon


  • AMO papercuts
  • API OAuth access for perf and builder
  • Python migrations in schematic
  • Canada Day was awesome, despite lots of Wills and Kate coverage.


  • Validator catch-up
  • FX7 compat
  • Chaos Chimp updates
  • Diggy stats


  • Helping where I could with Socorro 2.0 push
  • Delving into Django for Socorro
  • Learning Python (it's awesome)
  • Writing unit tests
  • Fixing AMO and Personas bugs
  • Working on a DLL Directory

Favorite 4th of July story: the quaint tale where the Declaration of Independence was signed and America became immediately free after.


  • Lots of feedback on Firefox Affiliates.
  • Career page job listing prototypes.


  • Updates:
    • Snippets, Snippets, Snippets.
    • Affiliates program in design phase.
    • WebifyMe in QA testing.
    • QMO 4.0 being launched today without wordpress plugin.
    • Bunch of website retirements. EOL FTW!
  • 4th of July:
    • Watched fireworks in a park in Cupertino. Found an perfect "open" spot in the crowd of people. After the fireworks started we realized why it was open. There was a giant tree directly in the view of the fireworks show. Watched the show through a tree is so #winning.


  • PDX!
  • lots of meetings, interviews, etc.
  • not a lot of code :(
  • Working on Input GrouperFish integration mostly.
  • Gonna look at Mozillians Vagrant.


  • django-tidings 0.2 is coming out. Now the mail-sending handler is notified of *all* motiviations for sending a mail, even if de-duplication has occurred. This supports SUMO's new ability to notify localizers when a KB article is ready for translation.
  • Lots of back-and-forth with my GSoC student. Our MediaWiki parser now has a working external link pattern! (That's one of the trickiest ones.)
  • Pushed last week's SUMO release. Pushed another mini release to recover from a bad l10n. Thinking about tests to prevent that sort of thing in the future.
  • Interviews
  • PDX!





  • Wrote Python SOAP library to talk to Responsys
  • Released Firefox 5 and several mozilla.com bugfixes
  • Starting technical work on a server setup to run mozilla.com and mozilla.org under just the .org domain


  • Worked on combining ratelimiting with Recaptcha. Have a patch but needs a little more work.
  • Edited docs for adding WebTrends code in a CSP-compliant way.
  • Working on Q3 plan for SUMO/sumodev.
  • Being sad (chowse, rysny).
  • Lots of reviewing patches.
  • Talking about QA with CD.
  • 4th of July: Spent last night on a roof in Brooklyn watching the Hudson River fireworks from behind the NYC skyline. That was pretty epic.


  • I'll be working on Playdoh issues! Vote it up.
  • Fixed exceptions when unit testing celery tasks. Update your settings.py and also your nuggets.
  • AMO
    • devhub UI fixes
    • addon perf testing
  • /me misses rysny and chowse already :(
  • 4th of July BBQ down in rural Georgia where I witnessed the secret to cooking chicken livers.


  • Socorro
    • served as authority in Socorro 2.0 push
    • code reviews
    • researched several interesting things
  • 4th of July
    • age 12 at home in Missoula, MT - it eff'ng snowed


  • On vacation since offsite!
  • Socorro team shipped 2.0 in my absence. They rock.
  • Now planning Q3 goals
  • 4th of July story:

"Do they have 4th of July in Australia?" "Yes, it's how they get from the 3rd to the 5th"



  • Socorro
    • testing and assistance for Socorro 2.0
    • Socorro papercuts
    • baking correlation reports into Socorro


  • MDN 0.9.7, on to 0.9.8
  • The 4th - My uncles made a bottle rocket revolver. The trigger fired a lighter and turned a pipe that brought bottle rockets around to the lighter. It was pretty dangerous / epic




  • recruiting, recruiting - onboarding Brad and filling in the gaps
  • goals prep, hand-off with rysny
  • video voiceover, etc.
  • When I was a kid (22) I put 75 sparklers' worth of gunpowder into a 40oz bottle and almost blew my hand off. Ended up with 2nd degree burns and a trip to the ER, which led to 3 weeks of having a q-tip for a right hand.



  • Offline today & tomorrow for MoFo Strategy session
  • Working with Andy Chung on final touches for first betafarm milestone.
  • Planning / Scoping Mozilla Festival website.
  • Favourite 4th of July moment: the 1st of July! Happy Canada Day! :-) Was given firecrackers by a bartender and the whole bar poured out onto the street for an impromptu fireworks show.


  • built a working prototype for Sheriff Duty
  • had 1 hour Elmo meeting about Javascript indentation
  • released a hotfix to fix the LDAP_PASS mishap on Elmo. Still no word about a new LDAP password to replace the "leaked" one with
  • New US move estimate: end of October 2011
  • Been toying with taking my NodeJS Bayesian REST classifier into Redis and more robust


  • Impala is going live any day now! Woo! https://addons.mozilla.org/z/i/
  • Gonna plan/ announce second Hack and Tell this week
  • Want to replace YUI compressor with node-based minifiers in jingo-minify
  • Favorite 4th Moment: Putting on a fireworks display with mortars and beer with my friends the night before I moved here, which is 3 years ago today!


  • goal setting
  • lots of Socorro work
    • fixing postcrash_email bugs, thinking about new features
    • helping out non-mozilla contributors
    • helping out mozilla crash-stats users
  • little bit of graphserver work
    • lots of useful bugs and code contributed by firefox devs, especially jlebar
    • planning future viz improvments




  • Working on graphing KB helpfulvotes metrics
    • Finished migration required for graphing metrics
      • Still have some fixes after rebase
    • Working on graphing the data

Favorite story of 4th of July: The government saying "And on this day, there shall be no work."


I'm on a boat! I mean -- I'm on vacation. So not much to report for this week.

But last week I helped launch Web FWD (I build the django stuff for it and did some other web work on it). That was cool. Portland was boatloads of fun. Great job everyone who helped put it on.


  • Q3 goals
  • gathering peer feedback (it's a good thing!)
  • released MarkUp 1.1
  • tied up remaining Q2 goals
  • filing more bugs than fixing (oooh!)