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Open Items



  • Working on ElasticSearch in Socorro, making sure it can be used in prod ;
  • Unit tests FTW
  • Great vacations last week, LA was boring but Vegas was totally crazy!

Favorite HP moment: reading the books. All of them.


  • Chomping at the bit on the AMO App store and marketplace
  • Moving AMO admin over
  • Adding Arecibo into playdoh and some IRC bots
  • Anything with Alan Rickman


  • Working on validator stats
  • Validator bugs
  • Working with e10s folks and static analysis guys

Favorite HP moment was the one where I stayed at the office and played Minecraft instead.


  • Socorro 2.1 bugs
  • Building a prototype of DLL Directory (it works!)
  • Learning Django/Python
  • Harry Potter Personas work
  • Favorite HP Moment: When the personas were finally uploaded and the project was launched


  • HP7 landing pages/personas launched -- for better or for worse
  • Affiliates in a holding pattern
  • WebifyMe on a downward slope to launch on July 28th (fingers crossed)



  • SUMO things:
    • ready-for-l10n notifications
    • suppressing approval notifications for approvers
    • make emails threadable
    • make logins last a long time
    • merged vendor lib into main repo
  • django-tidings 0.3 minor release: can now explicitly exclude multiple people when sending a notification
  • Lots of Google Summer of Code design discussions. Did some work on the parser framework to make it threadsafe, re-entrant, and support node-transforming plugins. Our implementation now supports templates, even template calls whose output is then passed into other templates as params.
  • Reviews of SUMO and snippets things
  • Intern things
  • Interviews





  • Wrote patches which allow mozilla.com and mozilla.org to be run under single domain
  • Completed phase 1 of the email subscription service (https://wiki.mozilla.org/Mozilla.com/Newsletters)
  • Rolled out Harry Potter campaign on mozilla.com
  • Several other small bugfixes and discussions


  • Lots of interviews and reviews.
  • Tracking down some strange issues with user activation.
  • Working on some search result improvements.
  • Having only seen one HP movie and read none of the books: I love the way the Time Turner works. It's up there with Bill and Ted for my favorite time travel movies.


  • Playdoh is way easier to upgrade now (more related changes on the way).
  • Firefox 7 addon compatibility tests
  • Fixes to upload UI in AMO's devhub
  • Fixed some minor AMO bugs
  • Flying broom stick joust


  • Socorro
    • code reviews
    • prototyping the future processor:
      • pluggable registration for either monitor or registrar
      • pluggable crash source for either push from monitor or pull from Elastic Search
      • pluggable crash processing for either original pipe dump MDSW or new json MDSW
      • table based processing of crash parameters
  • Potter


  • Whippet, for some reason
  • Working on Socorro 2.1 and planning for beyond that
  • Perf review stuff
  • HP moment: same as Brandon's




  • sprinting on MDN and 0.9.9
  • resurrecting my BYOB install to fix CSRF stupidity
  • bringing the Badger back
  • favorite harry potter moment:
    • when he discovers that it was all a dream and J.R. Ewing is still alive.


  • Kickstarting Engagement Q3 projects such as:
    • labs coding challenge
    • Fall acquisition campaign
    • EU retention campaign
    • Get Involved form
    • Firefox customization campaign
  • Webgagement newsletter


  • Getting Webtrends working on Persona and Addon snippets
  • For that matter, working on the Addon snippet
  • Getting to know Playdoh and starting on Affiliates backend

That one time when Voldemort killed Edward Cullen.


  • hiring and recruiting
  • goals and figuring out priorities with other teams
  • the magical teleportation elf thingies crack me up


Favorite Harry Potter moment: Elijah In Sin City


  • Working on Q3 goals for Betafarm
  • Going to be in MV June 24 - 30 for Betafarm work week
  • Stewarding Mozilla festival website
  • Working on django_auth_browserid


  • finished the sheriffs app
  • landed various bugs in elmo
  • started looking into the PTO app (in php)
    • currently working on the re-write in playdoh
  • launched live version of the Bayesian classifier with a REST API
    • domain currently cloudclassy.com


  • Impala, impala, more impala
  • Helping at the WSOH
  • Imagine how cool it would be to be all "Holy crap I'm a wizard". That part.



  • SUMO
    • Good progress on Karma
    • Live chat planning and prework
    • Making it better one bug at a time
  • Who is Harry Potter?



  • Finished backend for project (KB helpfulvotes metrics)
  • Frontend finished (KB helpfulvotes metrics)
  • Working on admin panel / aggregate page

Favorite HP moment: All of it.


I traveled around Eastern Canada and USA! Oh, then I came home, worked for a few days and got really sick. So I'm recovering. And can't really talk. But I'm focusing on Mozillians (Vagrant/Puppet and front-end stuff).

I'm not actually a Harry Potter fan; that basically makes me He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.


  • Successfully evaded the Harry Potter crazy for years now, I'm not gonna start with the last movie ;)


  • AMO
    • Lots of progress on impala and open bugs in 6.1.6
  • Jetpack
    • Lots of planning here. Hope to have timeline for moving to JS builder by end of week
  • Apps
    • planning progress here and devs started in on separated chunks
    • Allen Short!