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Open Items

All-hands travel

  • everything should be sorted out by now. If it's not, talk to your manager asap.



  • Fixing the search in Socorro
  • Working on stuff for my school, sadly


  • signing add-ons and providing receipts for apps in the marketplace
  • creating api for apps to verify purchases from AMO
  • fretting about preformance implications of apps and marketplace



  • mozilla.org merge
  • l10n pushes
  • itisatrap.org
  • network and power outages in the Paris office

Bad story: The day I was refused entry to the US so I did Paris -> Philadelphia -> Paris the same day. Pre-Mozilla good story: Visiting Los Angeles for free thanks to the Eyjafjallajökull eruption.



  • Finishing up Dragnet
  • Socorro 2.2.2 bugs

Mozilla Travel Story: emergency landing in Columbus following in-cabin fire on way back from PDX.


  • WebifyMe: Still alive with ~440k collages submitted.
  • Affiliates: Mkelly has development nearly complete and aggressive schedule to get it complete by the end of Q3.
  • Snippets: Persona preview still running on beta channel
  • Your Web: UX/Design phase started
  • Website Task Force: Back on track and more formalized schedule coming up next month.
  • EOL of websites: Killing 5 websites.....and enjoying it.
  • Interviewing like mad for more WPEs.
  • Favorite Mozilla travel story: I had an epic journey from to 10Forward from my desk on the 3rd floor in MV. I even passed Raymond's Corner on the way.


  • Playdoh Funfactory
  • Hiring
  • Mozillians
  • Session CSRF
  • Favorite travel thing? Tofumatt goes to jail.





  • Wrapped front-end things up with Pancake for demo.
  • Workin' on mockups for Apps!


  • Moved mozilla.com into mozilla.org, ALL YOUR DOMAINS BELONG TO US
  • Gearing up for email acquisition campaigns to capture tons of emails on mozilla.org
  • Planning for new platform for mozilla.org
  • 3.7 and 3.8 to go out today
  • Favorite travel story: The walk to Denny's at 4AM in Las Vegas with some webdev folk.


  • Flew back from CA.
  • Survived a hurricane and an earthquake.
  • Lots and lots of interviews.
  • Helped bootstrap the #newbies IRC channel.
  • Lots of reviews.
    • Ruthlessly deleting old SUMO tests.
  • Occasionally writing actual code!
  • Some library contributions.

Fav travel story... Ryan coming up to me, while I'm holding a full glass of beer, and telling me to buy another pint immediately.



  • Socorro
    • several enhancements for 2.3
  • several vacation days - more to come
  • favorite Mozilla travel?
    • all summer trips that involve the bike


  • Socorro 2.2.2
  • Working through skiplist bugs
  • Emacs brought down Hbase, dealing with that and fallout and unrelated instability
  • Pushing on tbpl
  • Thrashing
  • Favorite Mozilla travel story: can't get out of Whistler


  • MDN 1.1
  • Quintessentially Portland: Walking down the street, someone flipping off a cop in a car and yelling "IN MY OPINION, YOU'RE A FSCKING A**HOLE!" I.e., I know you have your own opinion and I totally respect that but in MY opinion ...


  • working from NY this week
  • spent last week in the Adirondack foothills
  • playing with d3 and thinking about new graphs this week



  • lots of interviews
  • holiday campaign planning
  • mozillians PM stuff
  • Enagement tools
  • State of Mozilla planning


  • Affiliates
    • Demo ready by end of week
    • Strings being pulled for localization on Wednesday
    • Finish core of app and start focusing on security, performance, etc.
    • Fix the dev server (we now have access!)

Favorite Mozilla Travel Story:

That time lars tricked us into going to a gay bar in Portland. :D



  • New Project - sasl-browserid - C plugin for SASL
    • looking for webdev help!
    • also reaching out to #developers
  • Mozillians 1.0 work


Fav Travel story: Neil Deakin taking a float plane out of Whistler to make it to his wedding when the highway was blocked by an avalanche.


  • ldap training
    • which is excellent by the way!
  • helping rhelmer and laura with the tbpl
  • studying release management in relation to Elmo
    • makes my head hurt
  • working on patch to playdoh/funfactory
    • a) to abandon hardcoded "local_settings"
    • b) use a directory contain stuff like "settings/base.py", "settings/local.py" instead
    • struggling with combining 'setup_environ()' and '--settings='
  • been hacking on a twitter app/bookmarklet thing: http://toocoolfor.me










  • nightly.mozilla.org is now in git and all sexy/updated (waiting for IT to deploy; should be up soon)
  • LDAP training
  • Mozillians work
  • Tumblebeasts are in Mozillians!

Favourite/least favourite travel story? That time I wound up in the hospital in Portland. But everything else was awesome. Related: I'm going to Portland next week, heh.


  • hiring, hiring, and..., hiring.
  • mozilla.com/org merge successful without major incidents

Favorite travel story: US customs officer telling me "oh hey you work for Firefox! I use Firefox. Can you help with this problem I've been having....?"


  • AMO
    • On new hardware in phx. woo
    • So many new pages to launch
  • meetings about apps, security, etc.