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Meeting Info

In the Mountain View office in room PB&J

Or for remotees:

Open Items



  • Socorro
    • Middleware reorganization landed!
    • Moving SQL queries out of the webapp, to the middleware
  • I'll be in Mountain View next week!

Favorite Thanksgiving: The Addams Familly one.



  • Working on integrating Browserid into builder.



  • itisatrap.org static copy
  • mozilla-europe.org press pages moved to mozilla.org

Best thing about Thanksgiving: hum, special TV shows? quiet IRC and mail for two days?


  • Mediawiki Bugzilla extension
  • Socorro 2.3.3
  • I will be in Mountain View next week!
  • Best thing about Thanksgiving: A four-day weekend


I'm new here.




  • Code reviews [Mozillians, affiliates, basket, etc]
  • Playdoh docs
  • Input work with Elastic Search
  • Favorite thing: Family, Food, Pies



  • elasticutils features needed for SUMO are done.
  • Released new nose-progressive
  • Released new blessings. It was the top story on the Python Reddit for a day or two—thanks, Allen! Added Python 3 support. If anybody's porting things to 3 and has trouble, I've made most of the mistakes. Also, tox is pretty nice.
  • Time to work on side projects while eating pie




  • Visited the other app store designers (and Andy!) in Vancouver
  • Was on PTO
  • Will be in sunny Mountain View tomorrow! for more app store bizness, of course.


  • Rolled out email pref center, enhanced basket with async-ness (our email subscription API)
  • Designing strategies for efficiently managing bedrock and the transition from PHP to Python for moz.org
  • Helped a contributor join the moz.org team, get the site running locally and fixing bugs!
  • Favorite thanksgiving thing: the sleep that incurs after the eating


  • Was out all of last week.
  • Catching up yesterday and today.
  • Getting SUMO/MDN Toronto POWWOW finalized.
  • Reviews reviews reviews.
  • Talking about Open Source on Saturday.
  • Will be inaugural speaker for DjangoNYC Speaker Series this month.
  • Want to help other webdevs, especially remoties, get involved in or start local communities.
  • Working on Webdev of the Week blog series with Laura.
  • Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. The family, friends, food, time together. The shopping and all that is pushed off till the next day. It's just an excuse to spend time with your family and friends and eat delicious pumpkin pie.


  • AMO jetpacks can be upgraded by the builder easier now
  • blogged about our git workflow on the AMO team
  • created tons-o-bugs for in-app payments


  • Configman
    • preaning
    • version 1.0 now on github
    • pypi soon
  • Favorite Thanksgiving thing:
    • no meetings


  • Onsite MV/SF next week!
  • Pushed Socorro 2.3.3 yesterday, dealing with regressions and network outages now
  • Planning 2012
    • Goals
    • Staffing
    • Possible involvement in MXR/DXR migration in Q1
    • Releng dashboard
    • Trying to work out how to keep up on Socorro in 2012
  • Favorite Thanksgiving thing: four day weekend



  • Best thing about Thanksgiving -- Peter named his puppy "James May".


  • MDN - doing a big brain bendy merge
  • Thanksgiving
    • I like turkey and pie


  • press center consolidation
  • REMO 2.0 planning
  • Blog consolidation
  • Steward stuff
  • Moz Spaces
  • Project management initiative planning
  • Thanksgiving - the stuffing, duh.


  • Wrapped up most Snippet Q4 goals (JS for tracking snippets is the only remaining one and is blocked by IT)
  • Affiliates fixes, added new banners and locales
  • Talked a lot about BrowserID being in en-US only currently

Best thing about Thanksgiving: SKYRIM



  • Baby sitting BrowserId patches for Dogfood
  • django-browserid tofurkey branch - check it out if interested
  • l10n browserid.org research


Thanks Giving: Got a puppy! http://www.peterbe.com/photos/puppy/photo.JPG/view




  • SUMO
    • Helped a new contributor get setup to fix some bugs.
    • Lots of progress on Karma dashboard.
      • Really loving backbone and underscore.
    • Added "Needs Change" feature for KB articles.
    • SOPA script for American Censorship Day.
  • Favorite thing of Thanksgiving is FOUR DAY WEEKEND.


  • Default to compatibility updates on AMO side
  • django-pylibmc updates, adding more error catching
  • AMO offsite







  • Code-reviewing BrowserID for Mozillians -- want to get it in this quarter (this release if possible)
  • Mozillians 1.2 -- basic location stuff, fixes, improvements, code reviews
  • Mozillians UX work... lots of discussion and ideas about that
  • The new Justice album is awesome -- just thought I'd mention that
  • Interviewing interns
  • Coordinating with our Flux team intern who is gonna do frontend work with me -- yay!
  • Careers website stuff
  • Nightly website tweaks
  • I'll be in Mountain View next week with jlongster! flux team represent

Favourite thing about Thanksgiving? We have it first. Cooking turkey is fun too.

Oh, actually, I like Black Friday too, because I can buy things from America on the cheap.


  • last week: vacation!
  • The Flux team has a new member: Welcome Craig Cook!
  • ... and we're also going to have an intern starting in January.
  • Wrangled with MySQL’s default character settings. bug 703286.
  • Just so I don't forget, got my fair whiff of code by reviewing a bunch of stuff for Input, People Tools, etc.

Favorite thing about Thanksgiving? The epic feast (and the people I get to have it with).



  • continued working on implementing Elastic Search in Kitsune
    • done full index (takes about 30 minutes on my local machine)
    • half-done incremental indexing
    • need to move some stuff around and tweak the code a bit
    • getting close to tweaking the search code to waffle between Sphinx and Elastic
  • did some reviews
  • sent some documentation fixes upstream to PyES and ElasticUtils
  • prep for Toronto trip next week


  • ate pecan pie for breakfast for 4 days
  • bought some wood to build a stool for my standing desk after giving up on hunting for a chair that's "just right"