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What we're shipping

By [July11]:

  • 1) Mozila.org landing page.
  • 2) Firefox snippet landing page.
  • 3) A smart, low-bar CTA for that FF snippet page.


  • 1) Mozilla.org landing page.
    • Webmaker.org get tons of traffic from the mozilla.org front page. We can increase the conversion rate of that traffic by creating a custom landing page for Mozilla.org referrals.
  • 2) A Firefox snippet landing page.
    • We'll get a Maker Party Firefox snippet in July. We need a landing page and CTAs that is tailor-made for this audience.
  • 3) A new low-bar Call to Action for FF snippet page.
    • We need to think more creatively about our CTAs for this one. Something that will convert more traffic than simply "Find an event" or "Host an event."


  • Start with the mozilla.org page. Try to get it live by [may30]
  • Use Unbounce. To make it faster and easier to get started. Less design and production work, more emphasis on testing copy, CTAs, etc. Matt can work with Studio MoFo / Engagement Team
  • Test and optimize. Have Adam and Andrea make smart use of testing variants. Adam monitors the stats in Unbounce to guide us.
  • Ship to production once we have a design we like. So that we can ensure proper responsieness and localization. Unbounce will handle the variants and testing part -- these are just static pages.


  • Increase our conversion rate. Of visitors to users, from 3% to 6%.
  • Customize our story & CTA for key audiences. Especially Mozilla.org visitors and Firefox snippet-clickers.
  • Get better at testing and optimization. Rapidly test variants (in copy, imagery, etc.) to see what's working and improve. Tell a data-driven story about what we did and how it worked.


  • Mozilla.org landing page
    • Overall Leadership / Project Mgmt: OpenMatt
    • Writing copy for the page: OpenMatt / Drushka. w help from Andrea.
    • Creating the page in Unbounce (picking a template and customizing it): Sabrina (?)
    • Design review: Cassie
    • Content review: Andrea
    • Analytics (making sure it's tracking data we need, filing optimization requests): Adam

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  • Cassie and Matt will triage and tag May 21

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