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On the Roadmap

The following features are in priority order.

Feature Relative Effort Notes/requirements Specialties required
Update to latest Django/Playdoh absolutely required engineering
Remove old (non-Persona) authentication system absolutely required engineering
Update visual design gigantic match sandstone, improve site UI overall, add more callouts for contributors, such as "Don't see a banner in your language? Click here to find out how to add your language!", add more callouts on what it means to be a Mozillian and links to other contribution opportunities UX, design, frontend engineering, backend engineering
Add text-only banners/links medium UX, design, frontend engineering, backend engineering
Improve the UX of the banner generation process gigantic Improve the button wizard, show users the most popular buttons UX, design, frontend engineering, backend engineering
Add user profile page that includes leaderboard rank (clicks over time), website, the buttons they have posted large UX, design, frontend engineering, backend engineering
Improve the newsletter signup process small don't require users to be logged in, put signup in the footer UX, frontend engineering, backend engineering
Add space for pre-localized promotions on the front page that change every few months medium content administrator can input localized strings in /admin UX, frontend engineering, backend engineering
Track and display to users real Firefox downloads based on their links uncertain, but large UX, backend engineering, analytics
Track and display to users clicks to buy Firefox OS phones from their links more uncertain, but large UX, backend engineering, analytics
Add new graphs for showing a banner's performance. uncertain, but gigantic Needs GA expert to help track:
  • Clicks over time
  • Clicks by country/locale
  • Average number of banner per signup.
  • Rate of signups that produce X banner.
  • Language of created banner vs user language.
  • Button performance, filter by size, color, banner type (text or graphical)
  • Percentage of traffic vs users, i.e. "5% of users generate 80% of our traffic
UX, backend engineering, analytics
Allow Marketplace to create Affiliate banners to point to specific apps. large We want people to be able to have banners that say, "download my app on the Fx Marketplace" and link to their app. So we'll have a place in affiliates to put the URL of an app to get a custom marketplace banner. And we'll work with the Marketplace team to deep-link people into that page and prepopulate the URL. backend engineering, Marketplace SMEs

In the Future

The following features are unlikely to be included in the first wave of work in 2014, but should be considered for future iterations.

  • Expand leaderboard to show all users, allow filtering and show more information about users and countries
  • Make the leaderboard public
  • Add ability to generate banners without an account.
  • Prompt for account creation right before saving the banner
  • Make it possible to generate a report on specific button instances (see Student Ambassador program)
  • Track what locale a user uses the site in.
  • Notifications upon reaching milestones
    • 100 clicks, 1000 clicks, 10,000 clicks, social sharing, competition between countries, leader notifications
    • Award open badges with these milestones
      • Ability to send badges to Backpack
      • Ability to add badges to Mozillians profile/reflect that the user is a registered Mozillian
  • Add a widget that users can embed on their website that shows their leaderboard rank.
  • Award users with Marketplace credits
  • Integration with Marketplace may not be available for redesign, so we will redesign to make integration in the future possible.
  • Create a Banner generator that allows users and localizers to create and translate banners.
    • V1 of this is a tool for us to build banners faster.
    • V2 is for marketplace integration, with restricted functionality for app developers so they can build buttons to promote their app after authentication through marketplace
  • Multiple moderators needed to approve buttons - add moderation functionality
  • Make the code not suck
  • Clear out the Facebook app? (Did we agree to this?)
  • Feedback from the survey was evenly split on this. If we keep it, we need to optimize it better