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There are 3 things we need to add a set of banners to Firefox Affiliates:

  1. Category and Banner Name
  2. Banner Images and Color Names
  3. Banner Previews

0. File a bug

Make sure to file a bug to let us know that there are some banners you wish to add to Affiliates.

1. Category and Banner Name

Steps 1 and 2 of the Affiliates banner generation wizard show text names for the category, subcategory, and banner. These need to be localized, so before you create your banner, you need to figure out what category and subcategory your banner will fall under, and what text name you will use for the banner itself.

Use the images below to see where the strings will be shown on the site.

It's important to note the difference between a banner and a banner image. Whereas a banner image is a single image that users will embed on their website, a banner is a collection of related banner images, such as the Aurora banner.

2. Banner Images and Color Names

Affiliates lets users select banners by size and color. We will need the primary colors for your banners (one for each, i.e. Red, Blue, Green, Purple). If the color you are using isn't yet available on Affiliates, it will have to be localized before we can push your banners live.

Banner images can be attached to the relevant bug in a zip file once complete.

3. Banner Previews

We will also need a preview image for your banners. One preview is needed for each banner entry from step 1 (you do NOT need to make a preview for every banner image; see the screenshots above).

  • 1 preview per banner (NOT banner image)
  • 1 preview for each locale the banner is available in
  • Example: A single banner in 5 en-US, fr, and es = 3 banner previews