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There are 3 things we need to add a set of banners to Firefox Affiliates:

  1. Category and Banner Name
  2. Banner Images and Color Names
  3. Banner Previews

1. File a design and copy bug

  • Under the component Marketing -> design (cc. :matej for copy and :chelsea)
  • Please include the size, colour and dimensions you'd like your banners to be (eg 125x125, 160x600 or 300x250)
  • Also identify the call to action you want communicated in the banner
    • Remember that short lines of copy are best for buttons
  • Where possible, please use open fonts
  • Also as the designer to create a preview image for the button 150x125

2. File an l10n bug

  • Once your banner has been designed file an l10n bug
    • Under the component Websites -> (cc. :milos and :chelsea)
  • Attach the PSDs of your button to the bug (some locales will do their own button layout as they have a better understanding of what fonts work best in their region)
  • Include a link to an etherpad for l10n and format it like shown in this example:

3. File a layout bug

  • Once localizers have provided their translations of the button copy, file a layout bug to get the localized buttons done
    • Do one bug per locale in the component Marketing -> design (cc :milos, :chelsea and the localizer for that locale so they can approve the final layout and check for errors)
  • Include the PSDs of the button in the bug as well as the translated copy
  • Let the designer know that they could also provide a preview image for the banner 150x125 (only one image is needed, not a preview image for each button)