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This the agenda and action items for the weekly check-in meeting for Mozilla Affiliates.


  • Date: 2012-03-08
  • Time: 10am PT


  • cmore
  • chelsea
  • milos
  • mbrandt
  • Rik
  • mkelly


Previous Action Items

  • None

Status Update

    • Product owner: Chelsea

GOAL TRACKING - banners!

Standing Items

  • Are there any upcoming events/PTO/offsite/work weeks that could cause a schedule conflict?
    • Chelsea on PTO March 12-16
    • mkelly at pycon Friday March 9th
    • Webdev work week April 16-20th in Santa Cruz
    • Chelsea in SF April 23-29


  • Release on March 14th.

Action Items

  • Cmore to train Chelsea on how to upload banners
  • Mkelly/Rik to come up a solution with case sensativity with locales to allow for local development on a Mac.
  • Mkelly will work with Milos to get additional news strings into SVN
  • Mkelly will check with Ozten to verify the two additional locales that are not in BrowserID are available. If so, conditional statement will be adjusted week of March 19th.
  • Mkelly/Rik will double check Milos' code:
  • Rik will create push bugs and create release wiki page
  • Chelsea will change meeting to every other week