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Affiliates Statistics Dashboard Brainstorming


  • cmore
  • mkelly


Bug: Requirements:

  • Clicks - Total, Year, Month, Week, Day
  • Buttons saved - Total, Year, Month, Week, Day
  • Graphs of data over time
  • Filter: by locale
  • Technology and data store?
  • Processing of raw data?
  • Graphing library?


  • We can only collect at a minimal by month because that is as granular as the app is storing
  • Database will only store aggregated data
  • Cron job runs nightly
  • Library:
  • Will add the leaderboard view directly within Django admin (filter by locale is out of scope now)
  • Server side process of filtering data down to a period of time. (example: create report from start date to an end date aggregated by month)
  • Clicks will be by month (for now)
  • Banners will be by day
  • Exporting data as a PDF will only be handled by the browser (print to PDF)

Action Items

  • Mkelly will work on the dashboard without delaying the upcoming flicks release.
  • Estimate is April 6th.