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This page contains the details for the Affiliates Redesign project.


  • Visually update site.
  • Improve user experience.
  • Add new features to increase retention and activity.
  • Increase amount of data available to both users and admins about banner performance.


  • [P1] Update visual design to match Sandstone.
  • [P2] Add user profile page that includes a user's leaderboard rank, website, and their buttons and some basic stats about how well the buttons are performing.
  • [P1] Add gamification elements.
    • [P1] Notifications upon reaching certain milestones and the ability to share those milestones.
    • [P2] Award Open Badges upon reaching milestones.
    • [P2] Ability to send badges to Backpack.
    • [P2] Ability to share badges on Mozillians.
  • [P1] Expand leaderboard to show all users, allow filtering, and show more information about users.
    • [P1] Make the leaderboard public.
  • [P1] Create a Banner generator that allows users and localizers to create and translate banners.
    • V1 of this is a tool for us to build banners faster.
    • V2 is for marketplace integration, with restricted functionality for app developers so they can build buttons to promote their app after authentication through marketplace
  • [P2] Add ability to generate banners without an account.
    • [P2] Prompt for account creation right before saving the banner.
  • [P2] Add a widget that users can embed on their website that shows their leaderboard rank.
  • [P3] Move the FAQ to SUMO (needs discussion)
  • [P1] Add text-only banners
  • [P1] Track what locale a user uses the site in.
  • [P1] Add new graphs for showing a banner's performance.
    • [P1] Clicks over time.
  • [P1] Integrate with Marketplace
    • Integration with Marketplace may not be available for redesign, so we will redesign to make integration in the future possible.
    • [P1] Award users with Marketplace credits?
    • [P1] Allow Marketplace to create Affiliate banners to point to specific apps.
  • [P1] Track real Firefox downloads.
  • [P1] Add more callouts for contributors, such as "Don't see a banner in your language? Click here to find out how to add your language!"
  • [P2] Add space for promotions on the front page that change every few months.
  • [P2] Show users the most popular buttons.
  • [P1] Switch to Persona-only login.
  • [P1] Add new statistics for administrators.
    • [P1] Average number of banner per signup.
    • [P1] Rate of signups that produce X banner.
    • [P1] Language of created banner vs user language.
    • [P1] Button performance, filter by size, color, banner type (text or graphical)
    • [P2] Percentage of traffic vs users, i.e. "5% of users generate 80% of our traffic"

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