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Nucleus is a general-purpose publishing system for But it is optimized for certain types of publishing. In particular, Nucleus is optimized for publishing content that...

  • can be templatized (i.e. lots of distinct pages that share the same design)
  • can be published by a small trusted group
  • does not include lots of multimedia
  • can be shared publicly from the moment it is saved in the system


Migrate Product Details (Use Socorro API)
Migrate Firefox system requirements pages from legacy PHP site into publishing system
Migrate Credits along with Credits FAQ and supporting publishing flow
Migrate security announcements and known vulnerabilities in collaboration with owner (Al Billings)
Migrate Forums
Migrate Policy pages (Commit Access, IDN TDL Policy list, Hacking - note: MPL will move to Github)
Thunderbird Release Notes
Migrate /community/directory.html to bedrock

Confirmed Roadmap

  • Firefox Desktop Release Notes (RNA): Q1 2014
  • Firefox OS Release Notes (RNA): Q1 2014