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There are 2 types of retrospectives that we will perform for each Mozilla website - a release retrospective and a website / campaign retrospective.

The release retrospective is to review schedule, scope, communication and more to improve on our processes. Campaign retrospectives will be conducted after a website or app is retired to review goals, metrics, ROI and the overall success of the product.

The purpose is to learn from our mistakes as well as acknowledge and celebrate our successes.

Release Retrospective Agenda Template

We should contain retrospectives to one hour. Here’s an outline to help facilitate the meeting. Open communication is the goal. Finger pointing isn’t. When scheduling a retrospective, copy the below agenda into the meeting invite or send via email.


Release Retrospective Agenda for Mozilla Project {Website Name} 


You're invited to participate in a release retrospective for {Website Name}. Let's discuss 
the nitty gritty in a constructive way (no finger pointing!) and help make future projects 
run more smoothly.

To get a comprehensive review of all aspects of the project lifecycle, topics are broken down 
by phase and/or stakeholder.  For each item below we will discuss “what went well” and “what 
can be improved” as well as the specific questions pertaining to each item.

* (Re)introduce the team
* Provide general overview and recap of the project.

* Were there clear requirements and a solid understanding of the website from the start?
* Were goals and success metrics clearly defined?

* Were there sufficient user stories?

* Were roles / responsibilities clear?
* Were there sufficient resources to execute all phases smoothly within the project scope and schedule?    

* Was the schedule realistic?
* Did anything cause the schedule to slip?

* Was code freeze respected?

QA testing:
* Did development adhere to QA’s checklist?

IT / Deployment:
* Were there any issues getting the app onto stage?
* Were there any issues getting the app onto production?
* How did launch go?

* Were there any issues in the security review process?

* Were there any issues in the localization process?
* Was string freeze respected?

* Were the channels of communication between all the stakeholders established from the start?
* Was there anything that blocked or hindered communication?


Action items: