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Note: The scope of this proposal has changed with the recent additions of the Universal Tab and Site Checklist proposals. At the 1/13/11 task force meeting the discussion was about making this a set of optional footer designs that people could use if they want, but the focus would be on having this be optional and having the tab be universal.

Working Group

Julie, Liz, FuzzyFox and David



Legal Content

From bug 602567:

The only things we'd like to make sure are in a common footer for all Mozilla websites are a link to the websites privacy policy and a link to what is currently titled Legal Notices. It would be a good practice to link to info on what license covers the content on the site, including the exclusion of trademarks, look and feel, etc., but that may vary from site to site.

Community Content

From bug 593156:

FuzzyFox has created a demo of a widget that pulls up the Community Map for a given site and can display a 'You Are Here' icon showing someone their current place in the Mozilla Universe.

To view demo:

  • Click on dino head in footer

Metrics Content

Have an opt-out for metrics tracking?

Search Content

It could be nice to have a search box in the footer that would do a search across the Mozilla web universe. Many sites don't have a search box at all so this would be a good compliment and would be a way for people to go from one Mozilla site to another Mozilla site.

Other Content

  • There might be some content, like Site Licensing information, that is useful but not relevant to every site. In these cases we could provide some best practice guides for sites to consider when creating a site-specific footer that would complement a global footer.
  • Other content ideas?

Community Site Variant

We might want to make a variant for community-hosted sites. This would allow us to have a different set of legal links (if wanted) and can also give us a way to officially include community sites as part of Mozilla (see Official communities badge proposal).