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Ownership information about various sites is hard to find and often undocumented. Especially in the case of older sites that may have no current owner, it is important to know who to talk to about sites in case there are issues to fix or content to update or archive.

Separate but Similar Problem

This may or may not be appropriate to tack onto project.

There is currently not a single place where all of the information about a website is hosted. The Who Works On What page is currently the closest thing we have.

Items that could be collected during this process include:

  • code repository
  • production website url
  • stage website url (login, password)
  • dev team
  • team email


Update the Active Websites List to create a single location where one could find all of the pertinent information for a website.

1. Add all Mozilla sites to the Active Websites List using the sample template.

2. Contact people involved with each project to identify and document each of the details within the template, specifically documenting the Group and Person identified as the product owner for a website.

3. Website Taskforce takes ownership of all websites without an identified product owner.

4. Website Taskforce decides upon next action items for each site:

  • If site is relevant to the Mozilla mission, product ownership will be assigned to an appropriate group / person.
  • If a site is no longer relevant to the Mozilla mission, the site will be retired.


Working Group

People involved in this project include:

  • Chris More
  • David Boswell
  • Mike Alexis