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This is a proposal to require that all websites must have their end of life considerations documented before the website can be launched.

This is intended as an addendum to the Website Project Checklist.

Working Group

Ryan Snyder, David Boswell




Websites are often launched without consideration of what will happen after the campaign is over or when the site is deemed abandoned.


Can we require that all new websites must have an end of life process defined before they launch? Specifically, does this apply to all sites or just sites with a known end date before launch?

What's the best way to socialize including End of Life planning at the start of a project?

We have begun creating bugs to outline the end of life process for a couple websites. You may see bug 636785 as an example.

Questions we are interested in covering include:

  • When will the campaign end?
  • When is the estimated date that we will retire this website?
  • What are the privacy concerns for this website?
    • Codebase? Content? Database?
    • What will developers need to cleanse before turning off the site?
  • What are the security concerns for this website?
  • What are the goals for this website?
    • What actions to take if website is not meeting desired goals?

This should be a task to complete before a website is launched. We should probably create a Bugzilla ticket to create the documentation, then make this a wiki page so that it can be a living document throughout the life of this website.


Require we create a Bugzilla ticket to identify and document any End of Life considerations that each new project which has an identified lifespan, such as a marketing campaign.

If at any time this website is nominated as a site destined for retirement, the product manager, web dev and ops will have a pre-determined list of all of the tasks they will need to take place.


If the website has a known end of life, such as a marketing campaign, perform the following as part of each website's initiation project:

1. Create a wiki page for this website, if not available.

2. Create a wiki page for this website's End of Life considerations.

3. Create a new Bugzilla ticket per:

4. Once the end of life tasks have been documented, close this bug as Resolved | Fixed.