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Web Engineering (formerly Webtools)
Team Lead: Laura Thomson Mailing List:
The Web Engineering team develops, supports, and maintains webapps that help Engineering ship Mozilla products faster and better.
  • We work on tools for the engineering community, like crash reporting and DXR.
  • We also work on many web apps at Mozilla that don't have their own dedicated team.
  • We provide support for web projects that are contributor-led.


Name Contact Location Project(s)
Adrian Gaudebert adrian Lyon, FR Socorro (Middleware, Search), Bixie, Elmo
Lonnen lonnen Mountain View, CA, USA Socorro (all parts), Bixie, Telemetry dashboard, Webdev tools and automation
Daniel Maher phrawzty Paris, France Socorro
Erik Rose erikrose Durham, North Carolina DXR
Lars Lohn lars Corvallis, OR, USA Socorro (Architect, backend)
Laura Thomson laura MD, USA The buck stops here. Socorro, FHR, whatever fires need fighting.
Peter Bengtsson peterbe Mountain View, CA, USA Elmo, Socorro (backend), Verbatim, (Air Mozilla as needed)
Robert Helmer rhelmer CA, USA Socorro, Graph Server, Mercurial Pushlog, Elmo, Eddy, (Etherpad/Etherpad Lite as needed)
Schalk Neethling sneethling Praetoria, South Africa FHR, Socorro (UI), Privacy Hub, Whistlepig, DXR
Selena Deckelmann selena Portland, OR Data Architect, Socorro


Name Contact Location Project(s)
Brandon Savage brandon Olney, MD, USA Bouncer, Bugzilla-Mediawiki plugin, Dragnet, Socorro (UI), plugins.m.o
Derek Ries, intern San Diego (AIoC:SD) Kanbanzilla
Shuhao Wu, intern Waterloo (UofW) Socorro
Tim Mickel, intern Boston (MIT) Air Mozilla
Tony Young, intern Auckland (UofA) Socorro filesystem
Jannis Leidel - now in Developer Program jezdez@mozilla.com Berlin Socorro, Elmo


Project Name Description Primary Contact
Socorro Crash reporting for Mozilla products laura@mozilla.com
Elmo Localization dashboard - product owner is Axel Hecht l10n@mozilla.com
Bouncer Download redirector and mirror management laura@mozilla.com
DXR An intelligent source code browser erose@mozilla.com
Bugzilla-Mediawiki plugin Embed pretty bug lists in wiki pages bsavage@mozilla.com
Dragnet Database of DLLs with info where known bsavage@mozilla.com
Plugin Directory Backend data for PFS2 - product owner is Tomcat laura@mozilla.com
Plugincheck User facing page for PFS2 - product owner is Tomcat laura@mozilla.com
Telemetry Dashboard New static dashboard for telemetry data, owned by Performance Eng taras@mozilla.com
Kanbanzilla Kanban dashboard for Bugzilla, built for Ops/IT dries@mozilla.com
Firefox Health Report Server side part of about:healthreport laura@mozilla.com