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Note that this list is specific to Thunderbird, see Webtools:Release_Notes for Firefox specific information.

Stable Release on beta channel for a period of time

Update mozillamessaging.com

  • File locations:
  • Update the php header of whatsnew/index.html and releasenotes/index.html file(s) to include the new dates, versions and bug fix versions.
  • Update other release note text as appropriate - e.g. known issues.
  • Have QA look at the staging site with your changes
  • Once QA is happy, merge to production
  • Once on production, request Build/IT to add redirects for the current version to the beta pages.

Final release of a Maintenance release

These instructions assume you are updating Thunderbird, the current version is 3.1.1, and the new version is 3.1.2. Substitute as appropriate. In every case and change, make sure all pages validate properly.

Update product-details

When releasing a new version of a product, there is one bug that is filed under Websites :: www.mozilla.com:

  • Update product-details for Thunderbird x.x.x release
  • Follow the directions in the top of the class. Don't commit yet.
  • Run export_json.php. Don't commit yet.
  • File a bug (Websites :: www.mozilla.com I guess) and get the diff reviewed.
  • Once reviewed, commit change notify on bug.
    • When you commit this change, make note of the revision
  • Note that you should check the shipped-locales file to make sure no locales were added/removed for this release
    • If something needs to be changed, update product-details appropriately

Update mozillamessaging.com

Release Preparation:

  • `svn copy` /en-US/thunderbird/3.1.1 to /en-US/thunderbird/3.1.2
  • Edit /en-US/thunderbird/3.1.2/releasenotes/index.html
    • Update the header to include the new versions and dates (these get reflected throughout the file.
    • Ensure Known Issues is up to date.
    • Ensure no changes in other sections.
  • Add release to /en-US/thunderbird/releases/index.html
  • If beta locales are being added or removed, ensure /styles/l10n.css is updated.

Pulling in product-details changes

Note: product-details for "trunk" updates whenever product-details updates. Only staging and production are limited to a specific revision of product-details.

  • Run `svn propedit svn:externals .` in /tags/staging/includes/ and change the product-details external (-r<rev>) to whatever revision you just committed. Then commit the change.
  • Have QA look at the staging site with your changes

Actual Release:

  • For 3.0.x releases only: Run copyLocales.py in the top-level svn directory to copy all the locale pages (whatsnew and start) from 3.0.1 to 3.0.2.
  • Merge pages to staging
  • Once QA is happy with staging, merge to production.
  • Request Build/IT to point 3.x.x pages to 3.x.x (i.e. no longer to the beta 3.0.xrc directory)

Update mozilla-europe.org

Pascalc normally does this I believe, see Webtools:Release_Notes#Update_mozilla-europe.org.