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Meeting Details

  • 1:00pm PDT (20:00 GMT)
  • Mozilla HQ, 1st floor conference table
  • 866-432-7917 (US)
  • 334-309-0297 (INTL)
  • join irc.mozilla.org #staffmeeting for attendance taking

In Attendance


  1. Development Updates
  2. IT Updates
  3. Product Management and Marketing Updates
  4. Foundation Updates
  5. Roundtable
  6. Other Business

Development Updates


  • Triage Team continues to meet daily
  • Looking good to make code freeze on Wednesday
    • Blocker Nominations current at zarro bugs
    • Approval Requests for Blockers - 2
    • Approval Requests for Non-blockers - zarro bugs
    • Needs branch patch - 21 bugs - triage team will resume review of these bugs this afternoon at 4 PM
    • 132 bugs fixed (this includes X-Forms bugs, 66 bugs are non-x forms)

FF 2.0

  • ~142 Bugs blocking b1 blocking-firefox2+ && tm=Firefox2 Beta1
  • l10n String Freeze
  • Driver Approvals to start this week
  • June 27th: Beta 1 Code Freeze at 11:59 PDT (some QA begins)
  • July 6th: Beta 1 Released

TB 2.0

  • Tags feature landed on 2.0 branch

Mozilla Japan Visit Notes:

  • Gave a talk on Gecko at Interop-JP.
  • Met with ~100 of the leading ISP providers in Japan where they decided to recommend Thunderbird as their default e-mail client for users. I gave a presentation about the future of Thunderbird and some of the hooks ISPs can use to customize Thunderbird.
  • Met with Daikin (an air conditioning company) which has deployed Thunderbird to 15,000 users. We discussed the roadmap and future feature ideas. They are interested in getting involve in beta testing. They also want roaming support.
  • 7 hours of press interviews. All seven reporters were Thunderbird users including one who is the chief editor of the leading Mac magazine in Japan!
  • Other impressions: Thunderbird is very popular (even the concierges at several of the hotels I stayed at used it). Security doesn't sell over there for some reason.
  • Need Thunderbird stickers.

Gecko 1.9

  • Weekly meetings progressing well
  • First cut at feature list and priority assignment done
  • Will be working on coming up with an overall focus for the Gecko release, to guide efforts until the release


IT Updates

  • mozilla.org dns cutover
  • mirror module
  • colocation update
  • bouncer 2
  • test machines for tinderbox

Product Management and Marketing Updates

Developer Relations

  • MoCo developer relations group will be doing initial planning of Q3 activities next week
  • Deb to start weekly posting of MDC news and status

Add-ons and AMO

  • working on promotion and hosting policy clarifications, one hard case at a time!
  • lots of energy around Firefox add-on development from commercial and non-commercial groups!
  • major areas of work prior to Fx2 launch are
    • streamlined upload/review/admin process
    • l10n/i18n support (site and add-ons)
    • polished and simplified "consumer" site as counterpart to AMO's "contrib" model
  • reorg of search-engines page coming, including categorization, to scale better and prepare for Fx2
  • morgamic and clouserw hard at work fixing up AMO infrastructure issues (see below)

More on AMO

(from morgamic)

  • getting outstanding issues/bugs organized, particularly stagnant ones
  • infrastructure (hardware) is okay, mostly working on outstanding bugs in order of severity
  • clouserw examined l10n for AMO templates
  • gathering requirements this week to make best use of on-site time, hope to solidify needed db schema changes over next couple weeks

Foundation Updates

  • Published draft usage guidelines and FAQ for the feed icon
  • Sponsoring calendar contributors' travel for calendar developers meeting
  • Making another grant related to Mozilla accessibility on OS X
  • Gerv Markham now back from his surgery


Other Business