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Meeting Details

  • 1:00pm PDT (20:00 UTC)
  • Mozilla HQ, 1st floor conference table
  • +1 866 432 7917 (US toll free)
  • +1 334 309 0297 (International)
  • join irc.mozilla.org #staffmeeting for attendance taking

In Attendance


  1. Development Updates
  2. IT Updates
  3. Product Management and Marketing Updates
  4. Foundation Updates
  5. Roundtable
  6. Other Business

Development Updates


  • Firefox and Thunderbird released last week.

FF 2.0

  • Beta2 planned for Early August. Daily triage happening.

TB 2.0

  • Thunderbird 2 Alpha is Now Available!
  • Thanks to Paul, Marcia and everyone who helped get Alpha 2 out the door.
  • Beta 1 Scheduled for end of August.

Gecko 1.9

  • Sherman wants comments on Fx3 Data Gathering, see dev-planning group
  • Gecko 1.9 bug triage meetings will start this week, most likely Thursday afternoon (most likely 3pm, need to verify people's availability)



IT Updates

  • OSCon
  • Addons move
  • Tinderbox fixes

Product Management and Marketing Updates

Product Management

  • Kicked off thread for long-term focus for Firefox on dev-planning. Will use to drive immediate-term research and data gathering activities.
  • Firefox User Panel should be going live today, announcements will be rolling out to mail lists, Spread Firefox, MozillaZine, etc.


  • Kicked off branding project last week with Factor Design; goal is to streamline brand assets for Mozilla and partner use.
  • Prepared to update English, French, German, Polish Firefox start pages with World Firefox Day link.
  • New marketing manager David Rolnitzky starts on Thursday.


  • OSCON screening of Flicks went great. Booth duty and other Firefox advocacy also went well.
  • Spread Firefox v.2, developed by the SFX+ team, completed and is to be staged and tested soon.
  • Firefox 2 party planning underway with new tool to come online soon.
  • Crop Circle moving forward with help from OSU friends.
  • Digg style news app for Mozilla to be folded in to SFX or possibly maintained by SFX volunteers mozillakicks.com.
  • 200M downloads today. Will update the SFX banner but no high visibility events or coverage planned.

Developer Relations

Projects we made some progress on last week:

  • Newsgroup summaries plan -- still looking for more feedback on this idea (see this thread for more details)
  • Getting MDC added to the web stats system
  • Developing a 6 month marketing plan for promoting MDC
  • Working on getting a logo for MDC, and planning a new visual design (will be meeting about this in TO next week, prepping for that meeting this week)
  • Getting a feedback system set up for MDC
  • Further improving the XUL Reference
  • Finalized list of Q3 tasks and priorities for MDC, refined goals statements
  • Worked up a rough agenda for Toronto meetings next week
  • Worked with marketing/pr to arrange sponsorship of the An Event Apart conference in Seattle

Add-ons and AMO

  • shaver continuing to gather/capture requirements for key site interactions for Sept relaunch in parallel with interaction design and prototype
  • sancus and Radiant Core got mockup and Cake-based live prototype running for first part of the site refresh (add-on display); search is next up
  • morgamic working on schema issues (for localization, initially), add-on blacklisting
  • clouserw continuing to make current templates localizable, we'll be working with the Japanese localization team initially to get some feedback on the model
  • nailing down URLs for localizers to use to point to plugin/theme/extension/search-engine pages, though they'll all point at the en-US page until we have some l10n capability rolled out

Foundation Updates

See the report on Mozilla Foundation activities for the week ending July 28, 2006.


Agile2006 Conference Report

Other Business