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Meeting Details

  • 1:00pm PST (21:00 UTC)
  • Mozilla HQ, 1st floor conference table
  • +1 866 879 4799 (pin 369) Conf# 8600 (US Toll Free)
  • +1 650 903 0800 x91 Conf# 8600 (US/International)
  • [Use *1 to mute yourself]
  • join irc.mozilla.org #staffmeeting for attendance taking

In Attendance

Development Updates

Fx/TB + Fx

  • Critical TB bug will require us to release both FF and TB, along with the scheduled FF
  • Code Freeze pushed out a week to this Friday 12/1, still have quite a few blockers that need patches.
  • Tentative release date still Thursday 12/14, but we're prepared to slip that out a few days into the following week (depending on whether or not we will need more than a couple of respins).
  • Pushed out a lot of blocker noms to (including all Vista bugs), but have taken most of the blockers + some non-blockers.
  • Need to ping developers to get their patches together and approved ASAP, as this Friday's code freeze is firm (if we hope to release before Christmas holidays).
  • Still waiting final word on when we want to push 1.5.0.x -> 2.0.0.x major updates.

Fx 2.0

  • Bon Echo (Firefox 2.0) weekly status meetings have come to an end. The project is now in stability and security maintenance mode and is now being driven towards a release.

TB 2.0

  • L10n Freeze and Beta 1 Code Freeze is next week (December 4th). Localizers have been informed in the l10n newsgroup.

Gecko 1.9




  • Investigating European colo options (Justin is remote this week)
  • Bugzilla upgrade testing (more to come in next month)
  • Mozilla Europe content staging (with webtools team)



  • Release Testing
    • triage and early testing
    • Two distros tested and released last week
  • Test Development
    • started to clean up web page grabber for check in. This is a tool for grabbing interesting web pages for use in testing. It is used for the new Tp page load performance test tool.
  • Community
    • Bug test day on Tues Nov 21st

Product Management and Marketing Updates

Product Management


  • Kicking off work on updating Start Page for both layout and conntent updates
  • Working to get 3-4 Firefox Flicks on TV as a test. On-air target is early December. More details here: http://www.firefoxflicks.com/backstage/


Developer Relations

  • Nothing to report this week.

Webdev, Add-ons, AMO

  • AMO
    • Policy discussions
    • Follow-up on discussions during summit, most of which are explained on Justin Scott's blog.
    • Hope to do load testing this week, when Lars gets better
    • Work continues on l10n, ACLs, services, ratings/reviews.
  • Bouncer
    • Bouncer2 is staged, working with build on getting it ready to go for
    • Will write quick LDAP patch.
    • Work on the next version started during summit.
  • mozilla.com
    • mozilla-europe is staged on US servers

Foundation Updates

See the report on Mozilla Foundation activities for the week ending November 24, 2006.

Frank is on vacation today and won't be on the call.


Other Business