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Meeting Details

  • 1:00pm PST (21:00 UTC)
  • Mozilla HQ, 1st floor conference table
  • +1 866 879 4799 (pin 369) Conf# 8600 (US Toll Free)
  • +1 650 903 0800 x91 Conf# 8600 (US/International)
  • [Use *1 to mute yourself]
  • join irc.mozilla.org #staffmeeting for attendance taking

In Attendance

Development Updates

Fx/TB + Fx

  • Release Tuesday 12/19 @ 10am (update live @ 4pm).
  • Build team pushing bits to mirrors tonight; QA will do live spot checks and update testing tomorrow.
  • On track for simultaneous ship of Google/Yahoo! repacks ( Google only; Google and Yahoo!).
  • Triage has already been going for and; Hope to release by end of Jan. or early Feb.

TB 2.0

Gecko 1.9



  • Bugzilla will be upgraded on Dec 26th. Test installation at https://bugzilla-test.mozilla.org/ which has mail disabled, and is running a few-weeks-old backup of the production database. Drop in on #mozwebtools on IRC to discuss.
  • Load balancer failover testing tomorrow night, shouldn't be any noticable downtime if all goes as planned.
  • Our cluster master at OSL had fatal hardware problems on Friday (perhaps related to the power problems because of the big storm), and had to be rebuilt over the weekend. Some services at OSL were unable to be updated until the rebuild was done.


  • We'll be closing the tree tomorrow afternoon to take images of some Tinderboxen; should be about two hours of closure.


  • Test Execution
    • Testing FFx/TBird 1509 and FFx 2001. The release was pushed out to ~Tuesday Dec 19th [jay, juanb, tracy, marcia, tchung, etc]. Conducted focused Vista testing for all 1509/2001 releases [marcia]. Ran search engine link checker test tool on and This included all locales for each release [alice]. Rescheduled Hebrew testing for FFx That is a new locale for this release [timr]
    • Tested TBird 2 Beta 1. This included marshaling community members to help with the testing and reviewing their feedback. [marcia]
    • SpiderMonkey 1.6: Preparatory work for release developing and testing new release documentation. Plan to release Tuesday Dec 19, 2006 [bc]
    • Distro testing [tracy, tchung, timr]
    • Filed bugs. martijn filed 20 [all]
  • Test Development
    • Added new window configuration test cases for Thunderbird to Litmus [marcia]
    • Eggplant GUI test cases: Completed porting FFx 1.5 Mac Smoketests to FFx 2.0 [tracy]
  • Tools and Infrastructure
    • Bob redesigned build scripts used by his test automation. Next step is to redesign test data files and factor testing scripts to promote re-usability
    • Python/Neo-Ts Framework: further refinement of the python test framework. This makes browser run in off-line mode which ensures no possible contact with the outside world. Auto-installs flash plug in. Sends more information to the graph server (branch and branchid) [alice]
    • Developed more templates for QMO [jay]
    • Talkback: Server problems during the week; had to keep a close eye on Nagios alerts. Tablespace issue had to be resolved with new datafile creation [jay]
  • Community
    • Testday last Friday Dec 15th. Theme was Gecko 1.9 and FFx on Vista. [primarily: tracy, coop, tchung, robcee, jay, alice, marcia, martijn]
    • Bug Test day on Tues Dec 12th. There were about 15 participants.
  • Misc
    • Investigated strategy and resources for Accessibility testing [timr]

Product Management and Marketing Updates

Product Management


  • 2007 marketing planning offsite this week
  • Messaging and design work underway for Thunderbird 2


  • Spread Firefox affiliates module repaired and working again.
  • Campus Reps candidates nearing 50, currently in survey mode.
  • Firefox Flicks on TV !!

Developer Relations

Webdev, Add-ons, AMO

  • AMO Alpha release delayed to this week
    • Working out design kinks, navigation first
    • Fixing up AMO v2->remora migration so we can properly migrate example extensions over
    • Looking at Wednesday or Thursday
  • AMO Beta still scheduled for Jan 16
  • Webdev blog will be put up this week, where we'll talk about some interesting topics and things we've learned from working on Remora -- look for it on planet
  • Bouncer2
    • Added LDAP, files
    • Will add more documentation this week (started some last week)

Foundation Updates

See the report on Mozilla Foundation activities for the week ending December 15, 2006.


Other Business