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Meeting Details

  • 1:00pm Pacific time (21:00 UTC until March 9, 2008)
  • Mozilla HQ, 1st floor conference table
  • +1 650 903 0800 x91 Conf# 8600 (US/International)
  • +1 416 848 3114 x91 Conf# 8600 (Canada)
  • +1 800 707 2533 (pin 369) Conf# 8600 (US Toll Free)
  • join irc.mozilla.org #staffmeeting for backchannel

note: all participants are muted automatically; if you want to talk, press *1 to un-mute yourself

Friends of the Tree Friends of the Tree

  • stephend for QA-ing AMO reskin

Development Updates

Fx / Fx / TB

We shipped Firefox to critical acclaim on Thursday afternoon. We'll be having a post-mortem this afternoon for those that wish to attend.

A planning meeting for Firefox happened on Friday. Details of the proposed schedule are on the wiki.

Thunderbird will head to QA next week.

TB 3

Gecko 1.9

  • Team is cranking on Beta 4.
  • 62 P1s, 162 P2s, 170 P3s.

Firefox 3

  • 16 P1s, 63 P2s
  • back on top of nomination queue, poke us if we fall off again
  • beta 3 expected to ship on schedule, tomorrow afternoon PST


  • Bugzilla fixes pushed
    • Send mail in the background after confirming to the user instead of waiting for the mail to be sent while the user waits (related to bug 284184 - local backport)
    • Fix for a regression from our last upgrade involving mid-air collision detection (bug 413258/bug 415490)
    • Fix for a problem with the OpenSearch plugin (bug 411844)
    • Allow searching for '---' in versions and milestones (bug 362436)
    • Fix for Subject lines in emails being improperly line-broken and erratically spaced (bug 411544)
    • Add a References header to notification mails to assist with threading in mail clients (bug 376453)
    • more coming...
  • China hardware fixed, going live (again) on Tuesday
  • Working with perf team to help support/improve Talos
  • Vlad's new graph server pushed (http://graphs.mozilla.org/g2/)
  • Working with build to plan and procure hardware for Moz2
  • release


  • FF2.0.0.12 release
  • FF3.0beta3
  • TB2.0.0.12 coming



  • Performed beta testing, bug fix verifications, locale testing, update testing, and live bits testing. Found a show stopper bug in the French locale: bug 415292. [abillings, ss, stephen, tracy, juanb]
  • Released on February 7th!

FFx 3

  • Lots of B3 testing: Smoke tests, BFTs, feature focused testing, top sites, update snippets, L10n spot checks, and bug fix verifications. [All]
  • Started Leak Testing using the Full Functional Test suite (FFT) for Mac 10.5. Windows and Linux will follow. Found 6 new bugs in FX3 during this run so far. Places was leak free!! [tomcat]
  • Worked on bug 384226-Places Complex Queries - developing automated test cases. [clint]
  • Created test cases for location bar. See: 5174, 5173, 5172, 5171, 5170, 5169, 5167. [stephend]
  • Verified 54 FIXED trunk Firefox 3 / Remora bugs [stephend]
  • Hosted a very successful test day [tomcat and others]
  • Accessibility: Loads of fixes landed on Trunk last week that improve robustness and usability in the areas of ARIA and QA. Notable items include:
    • bug 381049, which enables Firefox and Thunderbird to send crashes in COM to BreakPad now. This means that crashes happening in the Microsoft Active Accessibility code which normally get swallowed by COM, will now be reported as normal crashes, enabling us to find and fix more bugs that might otherwise be obscured.
    • bug 414656 landed on Trunk, which once again makes ChatZilla usable with nightlies.
    • bug 415299 landed, allowing ARIA content authors to specify string equivalents for various slider points. An example is the Resolution slider in Windows Display settings, which, aside from the numeric value, also specifies the "x by y" resolution.

Web Dev testing

  • Filed 32 bugs, mostly against Remora v3.2 [stephend]
  • Supported for AMO Team with Leak testing [tomcat]


  • Setup a place for community automation projects, including SVN access. See bug 414696 [ctalbert]
  • More work on QA Extension (QAX): Checked in patch for improving QAX install wizard bug 415822. Officially changed the name to "Mozilla QA Companion". Fixed QMO discoverability bug. See bug 393440. Logged/updated last couple blocker bugs: bug 415849, bug 393348. Whew! [jay]

Test Development and Tools

  • unittest
    • bug 409042: got win2k3 leak testing box imaged
    • bug 414720: enabled 24-bit display on Windows unit test boxes
      • had to back out bug 405384 because the setting got dumped on reboot/relog with Remote Desktop - need to re-coordinate landing with dolske
  • performance
    • bug 411769: pushed sunspider tests to production
    • bug 414456: setup fast-talos machines, running on MozillaTest, to be landed on production this week
  • testdev
    • bug 416032: fix to detect changes in search parameters for minotaur
    • bug 416228: tracking bug created for adding minotaur to buildbot
    • bug 416553: a11y testing in mochitest


Ronald Van den Heetkamp resource: issue




  • Currently testing ability to localize the entire app [1]
  • SUMO milestone 0.5 (l10n) to be completed on February 25th
  • SUMO milestone 0.6 (in-product help) should be completed on March 7th
  • See Roadmap
  • In-product content for Firefox 3 is up to date and ready for review


  • GNUnify '08: Contributor Anant Narayanan organized a Mozilla Hackfest with over 60 students and gave a Mozilla Prism talk. Check out early pix.
  • Techkriti: Pictures from Myk Melez's add-ons talk here.




  • Documentation work for Firefox 3 continues; as far as we can tell, the big stuff is generally done, with mostly touch up work going on now.
  • Also working on hiding the temporarily-disabled breadcrumbs cruft.
  • MFinkle prepares for FOSDEM
    • Main talk on Prism/Firefox3
    • Mozilla developer room session on "Updating Extensions for FF3"
  • Planning work on new/updated tools for extension developers
  • Asa worked on press/blog coverage roundup re: addition of Beta 4 (to be published at new FTR blog today,) more Firefox 3 FTR FAQ work, and press interviews related to 10 yr anniversary.

Mozilla Labs


  • Prism
    • New release shortly
    • More desktop integration features
    • Use Prism as a way to start discussions around creating desktop-enabling features in a web-safe manner
  • Personas
    • new release shortly (update: now available from the labs forum)
    • fixes for persona preview bugs
    • following release will support dynamic personas
  • Extend Firefox
    • Announcing winners late today
    • Planning under way for launch of Extend Firefox 3 on March 3

Webdev, Add-ons, AMO


  • reskin
    • l10n freeze today
    • preview will be up tonight, kicking off public testing
    • blog post and emails about this later today
  • API
    • minor bug fixes and perf improvements last week
  • updates
    • AMO update tonight to unblock API testing and reskin db changes

apps tested/migrated to PHP5 last week

  • survey.mozilla.com
  • userpanel.mozilla.com
  • reporter.mozilla.org
  • this week
    • firefoxflicks.com
    • firefoxparty.com
    • worldfirefoxday.com


  • Ted (luser) made patch to improve processor performance, tested on staging today


  • js fixes for stage/prod queues


  • Laura presented at the CakePHP conference in Orlando last Friday about her work on the AMO API

Foundation Updates

  • Grants and related activities.
    • Another significant accessibility-related grant was approved by the board; details to come.
  • Conferences and events
    • Zak continued work on preparations for several upcoming events in which the Mozilla Foundation might participate.

For more information see the status reports from David, Frank, and Zak. (Note again that Frank's status reports are moving to his new blog.)


Other Business