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Brianna writes: "I've reserved Garibaldi A at the Whistler Conference Centre for games each evening from 5 pm - 11 pm. It is in the lower level of the centre."

Please add a note here if you plan to bring a game.

  • I'll try to bring Takenoko, probably Forbidden Island or Desert (or Pandemic) -- co-op games, regular cards (Bridge), maybe 7 Wonders or Castles of Burgundy or Kingdom Builder or Race For The Galaxy (opinions?). I can also bring Release (kickstarter) (though all those cards are heavy...); no idea if it's really playable. (though finding time to get to the games get-togethers may be fun; I'm in Crystal Lodge though which makes it easier) -- jesup
  • King Chip A board game about computers from 1985 -- rmilewski
  • I might bring Set and Zendo, as they are small and light :-) -- gerv
  • Packed: Coloretto, Glory to Rome, Hanabi, Hanabi, Innovation, Lost Cities, Love Letter, Martian Dice, Pickomino/Heckmeck, Race for the Galaxy, Steam Donkey, Sushi Go! -- gerald
  • Bringing SF office's Settlers of Catan game (Settlers plus Cities and Knights expansion, plus 5-6 player expansions for both) -- dbaron

Other possible Whistler options for those who like gaming: