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Mozfest-header.png MozFest Wrangler Program
Owner: Zannah Marsh Years Active: 2010-present Updated: 2021-09-3

About MozFest Wranglers & this Wiki

While Mozilla provides a basic structure, resources, and support, the festival is essentially designed and produced by volunteers (called "wranglers)— teams of educators, activists, engineers, artists, and researchers who care about the open web and a healthy internet. Wranglers are a large, diverse group of contributors who collaborate with a small group of Mozilla staff to produce a truly unique event. Throughout an extended 6 to 7 month co-design experience, Wranglers dedicate time to this project on a weekly basis.

For an in-depth intro to Wrangling, click here.

These wiki pages document and inform the 2022 Wrangler experience, gathering resources, materials, and work by Wrangler teams from July 2021 through March 2022.

The Wrangling experience is divided into phases, as documented below.

PHASE 1 - July & August, 2021 - Cohort-building and topic exploration

MISSIONS in this phase:

  • Meet other Wranglers
  • Share and explore new ideas, perspectives and insights
  • Begin to generate SPACE ideas, which are thematic groupings for topics at MozFest

PHASE 2 - September 2021 - Teams, Narratives & Community Engagement

MISSIONS in this phase:

  • Agree on collaborative practices & approaches
  • Define and select MozFest 2022 Spaces & teams to produce those spaces
  • Begin to engage communities around Space concepts & ideas
Week of August 30/Sept 1st : Space brainstorm & "the big picture" for MozFest!
  • Space/Themes Brainstorming Session Sept 1st at 4pm UTC
  • Discussion with Mozilla Staff, Sept 2nd at 2pm UTC
Week of Sept 6: Synchronous all-wrangler meetings.

Topics: Principles/ways of working for MozFest co-creation. Understanding production schedule and timelines. Defining Themes & Spaces. Please try to attend ALL meetings this week!

  • Sept 7, 1pm to 3pm UTC
  • Sept 8, 2pm to 4pm UTC
  • Sept 9, 3pm to 4pm UTC
Week of Sept 13: Synchronous all-wrangler meetings

Topics: Finalizing themes and spaces. Teams & Roles. Planning for community outreach. Please try to attend ALL meetings this week!

  • Sept 13, 2pm to 3pm UTC
  • Sept 14, 1pm to 3pm UTC
  • Sept 15, 3pm to 4pm UTC
  • >>>MILESTONE: by Sept 17, Wranglers choose spaces & organize teams!<<<
Week of Sept 20. Synchronous one-hour opt-in calls to support teams

ALL OPTIONAL, but you are encouraged to join one!

  • Coaching/Help Session: Develop your Space Narratives * Time/date TBD
  • Coaching/Help Session: Make a Plan for Community Outreach * Time/date TBD
Week of Sept 27. Finalize Space Narratives!
  • All-Wrangler Call Sept 29
  • >>>MILESTONE: Final Space narratives due Sept 29<<<

PHASE 3- October 2021 - Outreach & Call for Proposals & ROLLING Curation

  • Wrangler-led Community-Facing Space Calls early October
  • CFP OPENS October 11
  • Rolling curation throughout October

PHASE 4- November 2021 - Curation Continues

  • CFP CLOSES November 5
  • Wrangler-led Community-Facing Space Calls as needed

PHASE 5- December 2021-Early January 2022 - Confirmation & Scheduling

  • Blog or 1st storytelling element due December 13
  • Facilitators CONFIRM by January 3rd
  • Wrangler-led Community-Facing Space Calls continue

PHASE 6- January & February 2022 - Storytelling, Facilitator Support, Community Engagement

  • Blog or 2nd storytelling element due January 17
  • Blog or 3rd storytelling element due February 14
  • Wrangler-led Community-Facing Space Calls continue

PHASE 7 March 2022 - FESTIVAL(s)

  • MozFest from March 7, 4 days
  • Possible "on the ground" event from March 28

List of 2022 Wranglers