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XUL Explorer main product page on MDC.

Feature Planning for XUL Explorer

Wizard / Generator Support

Add wizards to generators common files and projects

  • XUL UI (windows, dialogs, wizards, and prefwindows)
  • JS XPCOM skeletons
  • Extensions (use case)
  • XULRunner applications

Simple Extension Testing

Add support for using "test" mode to launch extensions in Firefox. A use case is also available.

  • Should be able to locate (auto and manual) Firefox executable
  • Should allow launching Firefox with a specific profile
  • Should create the "sample@foo.net" file and try to remove it when finished

Simple Extension Packaging

Add support for converting flat bundles to XPI bundles

Add Debugging Support

Venkman and DOMi should be bundled with XUL Explorer

  • [Q] - Should the extensions be in xulexplorer/extensions or xulexplorer/xulrunner/extensions?
  • [A] - We should try to put them in xulexplorer/extensions
  • [Reality] - XR 1.8 requires extensions be in xulexplorer/xulrunner/extensions while XR 1.9 allows extensions in xulexplorer/extensions

Property Sidebar

Add a sidebar that displays a tree of all elements and a grid showing the properties of the element selected in the tree. If possible, we should synchronize the tree selected element with the cursor position in the editor.

Project Sidebar

Add a sidebar that displays the file system folder structure for a given root folder. Users can then use the folder tree to open files in "project" scenarios - like extensions and XUL apps.