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I think what you have specified here is excellent.

What would happen if the user is using a Mozilla browser that dose not use XULRunner. I assume that it would fallback to the exe?

We also need to think about, what if the user is using Firefox on XULRunner 1.8 and he clicks on an app that needs XULRunner 1.9. We need to then prompt him that he needs to install the new version.

Where would the list of apps installed for XULRunner reside?

Gary 08:27, 23 Nov 2005 (PST)

NSIS work

I've got an NSIS wrapper script which can deploy XULRunner apps. It fulfils most of the Microsoft-lover use case.

ChatZilla / XULRunner Installer: [1] Script: [2]

Issues at the moment:

1. Because -install-apping something doesn't add shortcuts at the moment, I'm doing it myself in NSIS. This only means setting a variable in the install script, but it means that it isn't fully generalised. This should really change.

2. There isn't currently a way of querying XULrunner to find out how many apps are installed. This means uninstall is all-or-nothing at the moment.

3. The "install an XPI if you're using Firefox and an exe if not" thing seems really awkward to me. XULrunner apps are independent of the browser anyway. It means that XULrunner will have to go around generating its own uninstallers and so on, and that sites will have to keep two downloads (an xpi and an exe) and use a js install trigger rather than just providing download links. This is really a niggle with the spec.

Thumperward 14:38, 7 Feb 2006 (PST)

Alternatives to Launch When Finished chekcbox on the last page

The [x] Launch Hexagonal Minesweeper When Finished is asking for an installation "option" while already installing which doesn't seem right. Furthermore it says When Finished, while the actual installation may be finished already which might confuse the user.

I can think of two alternatives:

  • Add it as an extra option next to the shortcut questions.
  • Replace the finish button by two buttons: [Launch Now] and [Close Installer]. One could probably assume that if the user picks [Launch Now] he also is done using the installer and the installer can be closed.

User:bvleur 22:06, 20 Feb 2005 (CET)