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This page collects resources related to video accessibility.

Example data files

Videos with auditive annotations:

RealMedia player examples (probably SMIL)

Adobe Flash player examples

Examples of different subtitle formats:

Existing software

A pretty good list from WGBH and

Here is an overview of 6 web-based authoring suites for captions.

Authoring Software

Any text editor creates text annotation formats - it then takes either a player that can synchronise the external text format with the video, or an encoder to encapsualte the text inside a video stream.

Open Source software:

  • Jubler for SSA, ASS, subrip, subviewer, MicroDVD, MPL2 and Spruce DVD Maestro
  • Gaupol platform-independent open source subtitle editor for multiple formats

Proprietary software:

Captioning Services:

  • List here, e.g. SubPly provides a flash plugin and creates captions in the language the customer is asking for

Playback Software

Open Source Software:

Proprietary Software:

DVD ripping software

  • VirtualDub with the VobSubRip plugin to extract DVD subtitles
  • SubRip exports DVD subtitles to srt