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The Firefox Accessibility Team is responsible for the core disability access APIs in Gecko and we share responsibility with the Firefox front end team for the accessibility of the browser's feature set. We're here to ensure that Firefox products and services are delightfully accessible to users with disabilities.

Contact Us

  • Matrix/Riot.IM: #accessibility on Synchronous discussions about engineering-specific topics (bugs, patches, code reviews, architectural issues, etc.) should happen in Matrix/Riot.IM.
  • Slack: #accessibility on Slack (MoCo employees and NDA'd contributors only.) Synchronous discussions about team operations, announcements, strategy, roadmap, and other banter tend to happen in Slack, but we endeavor to move as much of that as possible to Matrix/Riot.IM.

Roadmap and Project Status

Report Accessibility Bugs

Accessibility Requirements and Triage Guidelines