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This is an invite-only event. Details of the nomination process for contributors are here. Please note the nomination process for the Berlin 2020 All Hands is now closed. Once you have booked flights, please register. The link to register is in your email.

Prior to our All Hands, we’d like everyone to read our Community Participation Guidelines. You’ll be asked in registration to check a box confirming you’ve done it and understand that these guidelines are in effect at all Mozilla events.

Booking Airfare or Trains

We book all business airfare through Egencia. You will create a temporary travel account for Berlin only, using the instructions below. Trains will not be booked in Egencia.

Before you book: If you already have an Egencia account, you will NOT be using it to book for All Hands. You will be creating a temporary account for Berlin booking only. Please make sure your login and password are different than any existing account.

To help you choose your flights/travel:

Fly into and out of Berlin Tegel International Airport (TXL). You should plan to arrive in Berlin on Monday, January 27, and leave on Saturday, February 1. Shuttle times: (please keep these times in mind while booking) Berlin Tegel airport is open from 4:00 - 0:00. Shuttles will be provided from Berlin Tegel Airport (TXL) to our 3 hotels on Monday, Jan 27 from 8:00 - 23:00. Shuttles from our 3 hotels to Berlin Tegel will be provided on Saturday, Feb 1 from 4:00 - 20:00. Other than shuttles, the only thing that happens on Monday is registration and a welcome reception. You should research whether you need a transit visa if you have a layover or stop in a country that requires it. Common in but not limited to, the United States. Change fees will not be covered by Mozilla. All flights must be in Economy Class seats. You must choose in policy flights (no reg flags). If there are no in policy flights, choose a flight closest in cost the benchmark flight listed. If you have specific questions about flights or registration, please email Lucy Harris

Steps to book flights:

Go here to book your flights. You’ll want to bookmark this to have access until June. Select “Create an Account for Berlin 2020 Contributors” (second option) Fill out the form.

  • Your name should match your name as it appears on your passport.
  • Your Egencia User Name needs to be in email format (but not an actual email - something like
  • Choose Password sign-in.
  • Enter your email.
  • “Country”: indicate the country you are traveling from.

You will receive an email to set up a password. Set up your password by opening the link in a private window. Check your spam if you don’t see an email. If you don’t see one in spam either (within a few minutes), let Lucy know. You should now be logged in and able to see the Meeting portal. Click “add a flight” and you can start searching for flights.

Booking Trains

Please book your train ticket direct with the appropriate provider and seek reimbursement (see “Costs” below). You should arrive in Berlin on Monday, January 27, and leave on Saturday, February 1 Tickets must be booked into second class and upgrades are not reimbursable. We will not be providing transportation between hotels and train stations.


Hotel details are provided during registration. Once hotel assignments have been made, we’ll communicate the specifics for your hotel. Mozilla will pay for your hotel room with a check in date of Monday, January 27 and a check-out of Saturday, February 1. Please do not try to book hotel through Egencia.

Note: Volunteers will be sharing a room with another assigned volunteer.


Shuttles will be provided on Monday, January 27 to the hotels from TXL and on Saturday, February 1 to TXL. You will choose transportation in registration. We will not provide transportation from any train stations in Berlin.


Mozilla will be covering costs associated with your participation in the All Hands. This includes costs of obtaining a visa, if that’s applicable. We will reimburse for a maximum of one visa application per person.

If you need this paid out as an advance, please email me to let me know. If you can wait until costs are incurred, please wait for reimbursement instructions in a future email.


Please note that we are unable to accommodate volunteer contributor families/guests at our All Hands. While you can travel with your family all arrangements will need to be made independently and they will not be able to attend any events or meetings associated with the All Hands. As all volunteers have roommates, we can not guarantee the ability for your family to stay with you. You can request a single room in registration but single rooms will not be confirmed until December.

We are not be able to provide "invitation letters" to anyone who has not been officially invited to the all hands through the contributor nomination process.

  • Flights - you'll need to book them separately (not through egencia) and you can call the airline once all the bookings are done to request moving your seats together. If your visa is rejected we will not be able to cover flight cancellation costs for your partner.
  • Exceptions may only be made for underage contributors who are required to have a legal guardian present.

Visa information:

If you need a visa for travelling to Germany, it is your responsibility to arrange one (though we will cover the costs). Please visit the wiki for more information:

You will be able to request an invitation letter through the registration form. If getting a visa requires an interview before your hotel confirmation arrives -- please ensure you are registered and then email us ASAP. Please email me once your appointment is booked (no need to email if no interview is required).

We will also not be able to provide "invitation letters" to anyone who has not been officially invited to the all hands through the contributor nomination process.

Travel expenses policy

Reimbursement will only be made for the following expenses.

  • Getting to/from home to your airport: We ask that you use the most economical option whether that be mileage/parking, public transportation or ride shares.
  • We will reimburse for bag checking fees for one bag.
  • If you have a layover longer than 3 hours you can reimburse up to $30USD for food in transit.
  • For early arrivals on Monday January 27th or late departures on Saturday February 1st you can expense up to $30USD for lunch.
  • We will cover the cost of 1 visa attempt (if there are additional costs related to obtaining your visa please make a request in advance to see whether or not we will reimburse).

We will not reimburse the following:

  • Private town-car services or car rentals.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Seat/class upgrades.
  • Airline change fees or change in fares that result in changes.
  • Passport expenses (new passports, renewals, etc.)


Reimbursements should be made by opening a Bugzilla request, instructions to follow. Every All Hands Expenses must be submitted on one (and only one) bug. All expenses must be filed by March 1st, 2020.

Finding answers:

The information you receive in email will live in a permanent state on the wiki here (although keep in mind, your information as a contributor is slightly different than most employees). It’s the primary source of all that you need to know about Berlin.