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What is it? -- Multiple team meetings, happening in the same city, at the same time + some opportunity to get together as one big group as well as with other teams as it makes sense. Then, on the last day, we have a fun social event for all, Mozilla-style!

The information on this wiki primarily applies to Full time and contractor staff. If you are a volunteer contributor or intern, please inquire to your coordinator.

Dates, Location and Weather

Monday, June 11 - Friday, June 15, 2018 (travel days are Monday the 11th & Saturday the 16th) in San Francisco, CA.

We are staying at San Francisco Marriott Marquis.

*For those countries where rest time is required on weekends (vs. work travel), Mozilla will cover a return on the next available work day, if you choose. This needs to be pre-approved and pre-arranged.


  • National Weather Service: forecast in ⁰C, forecast in ⁰F
  • Temperatures in downtown San Francisco in late June are likely to have nighttime lows around 10-13 ⁰C / 50-56 ⁰F and daytime highs around 16-24 ⁰C / 61-75 ⁰F. But the weather is very occasionally warmer with highs around 27⁰C / 81⁰F.
  • Weather in San Francisco in the summer is variable; it can become substantially cooler and foggier in the late afternoon; be prepared for temperatures to fall to 13⁰C / 56⁰F and the winds to pick up in the afternoon. Be prepared by carrying a warmer layer with you.
  • Weather in other parts of the Bay Area can be much warmer than in San Francisco, even if you're only traveling 15km away. Look at the weather forecasts for where you're going. It's entirely possible for it to be 19⁰C / 66⁰F in San Francisco and simultaneously be 32⁰C / 90⁰F in Orinda. But if you're right on the ocean, the air temperature is likely to match the water temperature, which is probably around 12⁰C / 54⁰F.


This is an invite-only event.