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Web Runtime


The Web Runtime project builds application runtimes that enable users to install and run Open Web Apps on Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux.


Discussions on runtime design and development topics take place in a variety of public forums:

Bug Reporting

File bugs on the Android runtime into the Firefox for Android/Web Apps component. File bugs on the desktop runtime into the Firefox/Web Apps component. And file bugs on the Open Web Apps (i.e. mozApps) API into the Core/Dom: Apps component.

Source Code

The source code for the runtime lives in the mozilla-central Mercurial repository in the following files and directories:

Engineers develop it in accordance with standard Mozilla development best practices, including the Coding Style Guide, the Committing Rules and Responsibilities, and Firefox's rapid release schedule.


Project drivers periodically triage this list of open unprioritized desktop bugs and this list of open unprioritized Android bugs.

Other bug lists: