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The Open Web apps project aims to bring the best aspects of installed applications to the Web. This page contains links to documents, repos, and blog posts that are part of the project.

Overview Documentation

  • Product Overview - a high-level description of the product and design pieces
  • WebRT - a discussion of what a Web Runtime must do
  • Marketplace - Mozilla's Marketplace for app discovery, distribution, and monetization
  • MDN docs - MDN page with Apps Documentation
  • Apps QA - QA activities to test the Web Apps platform
  • Security Reviews - Security reviews for the Apps project
  • Marketplace Developer App Submission - Developer submission page for submitting apps to the marketplace
  • UserStories - a living list of user stories, prioritized for upcoming releases
  • Apps Ecosystem - Current projects and development efforts for the Apps Developer Ecosystem
  • Apps UX - Recommendations for the User Experience (UX)


Apps Content Weekly Meeting

  • Internal Employees
  • What: Mozilla internal cross functional communication and coordination of topics relating to content within Marketplace, pre-installed for devices and supporting major events. Often relates to negotiations with content partners and discussion on dates of launch.
  • When & Where:
    • Friday 9am PST
    • Vidyo AppsContent
  • Contact: kward(@) : to be
  • Email Karen to be added to the recipient list for weekly status and notes

Dev Eco & Engagement Weekly Meeting

  • Public
  • What: Dev Hub, MDN & Engagement teams align on this week's and other upcoming work
  • When: Tuesdays 11:00 AM - 12:00 pacific
  • Where: "Mozilla Apps" Vidyo room
  • Audio Only
    • +1-650-903-0800 or +1-650-215-1282 x92 conf# 98652 (US/INTL)
    • +1-800-707-2533 (pin 369) conf# 98652 (US toll free)
  • Comms: #devecosystem for backchannel
  • Notes & Action Items
  • Contact: aspivack(@)

FxOS Sponsors Rollup & Weekly Escalations Review

  • Internal, open to all employees
  • What: Team of program managers, product leads and sponsors across the FxOS Ecosystem gather to resolve escalated issues and risks which have impact to cross functional teams or partners. Regularly review incoming partner, carrier and OEM opportunities, assign priority and assess readiness of Mozilla organizations to commit.
  • When: Wednesdays 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM Pacific
  • Where: Vidyo Warp Core
  • Agenda (Presenters):
    • Go-To-Market alignment (All, Mark Crandon)
    • Engineering / QA (Michael Treese)
    • Marketplace & Payments (Caitlin Galimidi)
    • OEM / ODMs (Steven Yang, Wayne Chang, Kevin Hu, Joe Cheng)
    • Content (Karen Ward)
    • GTM (Vik Iya)
  • Attendees: Champions / Sponsors
    • Rick Fant (Marketplace, Apps/Content)
    • Mark Crandon (Business Development)
  • Contact: caitlin(@), kward(@), mtreese(@)

Show and Tells

IRC Chat and Mailing Lists

Mailing Lists:

  • dev-webapps(at) - Web Apps Development Mailing List
  • mozilla-apps(at) - Mailing list for general interest, questions, reporting bugs, etc
  • payment-team(at) - mailing list for teams supporting the delivery of payments on FFOS Mobile
  • apps(at) - internal, mozillian only. File an IT bug in Bugzilla to get added to this non- mailman/listserv address

Important References

What is the Mozilla Apps program?

Product & Program Management

QA References

Other References

"Authenticated Application" Idea Explorations

  • Providing a one-click launch experience would be really nice, but we want to do it in a distributed and privacy-protecting way - one approach would be to use the Verified Email Protocol developed in the Identity project.

"Service Integration" Idea Explorations

Help Wanted

Positions we need to fill for Apps (hiring manager):

Parking Lot - Things to Do

  • write design guidelines for making a killer app
  • create sdk app
  • write app review guidelines
  • reframe what an app is so devs are confident in their submissions
  • design a "get it on the Mozilla Marketplace" button
  • design visual element on icon to show that these apps run everywhere

Outdated References