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Dial in

 # Vidyo:
 # Phone:  650-903-0800 or 650-215-1282 x92 Conf# 9654 (US/INTL)
 #         1-800-707-2533 (pin 369) Conf# 9654 (US)
 # IRC:    irc://


  • Attendees:
    • Andreea, Mario, Andrei, Daniela, Rob, Henrik, Ioana, Jmahel
  • Chair: Daniela Petrovici
  • Notes: Henrik Skupin

Last Weeks Action Items

  • [CARRY OVER] [Andrei] - amend our style guide to include a section about Bug Fixes vs Style changes
  • [DONE] [Andreea] - File a bug against Automation bot to add the functionality
  • [DONE] [Henrik] - Look into how to run tests against Metro and what will be needed to display results in the dashboard
    • We will run into trouble at least in Mozmill CI given that we can only run this kind of test under Windows 8. For now we cannot setup something like that and would have to refactor the configuration code. I wouldn't consider this trivial. For now we could add another testrun for metro tests and Anthony could run them manually? I would implement the other stuff early next quarter.
  • [NEW] Anthony - Ensure any Metro tests are suitably tagged with in-testsuite?


List of blockers:


Project Updates

Gaia UI (Dave)

  • Goals progress:
    • [rwood] Goal: Write stability/long running/endurance tests and graph their performance over time [ON TRACK]
  • [rwood] Developing long-running GaiaUI tests (bug 843083). Last week completed more tests and updated others due to Gaia UI changes. For a detailed list please see the GaiaUI Stress Test etherpad.

WebAPI (Rob)

  • Goals progress:
    • [rwood] This goal was completed last quarter except for two tests still under review

WebRTC (Henrik)

  • Goals progress:
    • New PeerConnection test framework has been landed. Last push on Friday failed due to failures on Android/B2G
  • Started to work on datachannel tests now

Softvision Updates

  • Fixed:
    • Issue 446 - [fix]
    • Issue 410 - [fix]
    • bug 807251 - Test failure "Suggestions are different - got 'false'" in testSearch/testSearchSuggestions.js
    • bug 809124 - restartTests/testAddons started failing with "Modal dialog has been found and processed" on 11-05-2012
  • Blocked bugs:
    • bug 795398 - Mozmill test to check that MD5 hash signatures are no longer accepted - blocked by bug 804952 - Setup virtual host on for Mozmill MD5 hash signatures check
    • bug 763159 - Test failure ' == ' in testSecurity/testUnknownIssuer.js
  • Working on:
    • bug 732353 - Disable all Discovery Pane tests due to unpredictable web dependencies
    • bug 840022 - Test failure "The forward button has been made visible for the 1 page" in testToolbars/testBackForwardButtons.js
    • bug 839996 - Add event to wait for before importing the default bookmarks through importFromURL function
    • bug 758187 - Write a new mozmill test for checking location sharing
    • bug 599290 - Update SoftwareUpdateAPI to support complete relocation to the about dialog
    • bug 803489 - Software update tests on Windows 8 fail sometimes due to still running copies of Firefox
    • Issue 463 - Test failure in
    • bug 823064 - Refactor testDownloadManagerClosed.js for the new PB per-window mode
    • bug 826251 - Make testPreferences/testPreferredLanguage.js language independend
    • bug 838192 - Add screenshot functionality to assertion module
Waiting for review/Feedback/Need info
Bug number Status People Bug Subject
bug 489474 Review Henrik/Dave Write automated tests for user generated video controls
bug 800872 Review Henrik/Dave Test failure "Window number '1' has been opened" in endurance//testTabbedBrowsing_OpenNewWindow/test1.js
bug 786306 Review Henrik/Dave Add more logic to the restart tests to skip following test files if a test is failing
bug 842571 Review Andreea Update the process start directory (XCurProcD) in software-update.js library

Mobile (Robocop)

  • Automation testing status
  • Progress on Robocop Automation
  • Made a first look estimation of how many Moztrap tests can be covered using Robocop - please see the Google spreadsheet
  • London work-week Robocop status update for Softvision - presentation
  • Bugs with work in progress:
    • bug 820276 - Robocop: Make editBookmark and checkBookmarkEdit methods available to other tests
    • bug 822259 - Robocop: Add test for Find in Page feature - blocked by bug 828481
    • bug 820859 - Robocop: Add test for 'Clear Private Data'
    • bug 830834 - Robocop: Add test for 'Show Search Suggestions' feature
    • bug 833832 - Robocop: Add test for Import from Android feature
    • bug 846257 - Robocop: Extend 'Web Content Context Menu' test to cover the context menu options for images
    • bug 846340 - Robocop: Add test for 'Clear Site Settings'
    • bug 838596 - Robocop: Add test for 'Master Password' feature
    • bug 846296 - Robocop: Add test for 'Add Search Engine' feature
  • Issues/Questions
    • Adrian presented the progress made and issues the Softvision team encountered with Robocop Tests to Tony and the rest of the Firefox Mobile QA team at the London work-week
    • Adrian was granted access to the try server

Personal Status

For the personal status please check the weekly status updates:

Meeting Notes

The meeting notes for this meeting can be read in the following etherpad:

New action items

  • [NEW] Anthony - Ensure any Metro tests are suitably tagged with in-testsuite?
  • [CARRY OVER] [Andrei] - amend our style guide to include a section about Bug Fixes vs Style changes
  • [DONE] Henrik: Get back to IT and make sure to get some traction on moving in-house before going to PTO