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Automation and Tools Engineering

Welcome to the wiki home of the Mozilla Automation and Tools group ("the A-Team" for short). We are a small group dedicated to improving our automation infrastructure and tools to better support all of Mozilla's Development and Testing efforts.

Meet the A-Team!

Want to write a test but don't know what framework to use? Or just plain interested in the myriad ways that we test our software? Check out the Automated Testing Guide.

Our Mission

The A-Team is a Swiss Army Knife of engineers dedicated to improving the quality and efficiency of engineering at Mozilla. Working with others in a responsive and agile manner, we strive to be a model of open development. We create, maintain, and extend a diverse array of sustainable tools and systems that create and deliver information on the quality of Mozilla's products and enhance the impact and effectiveness of the Mozilla community.


Our current list of projects and status on each is tracked at A-Team Project Central, and we have a current list of our goals (per quarter).

We also use the tools newsgroup for announcements and discussion. Address: tools __at __ lists __dot__ See the archives at

We tweet about updates and such with the #mozauto hashtag.

And, of course, many of us have Planet blogs. See our planet!

For paid employees, we have an Intranet page for machine configurations, work-week coordiation, and other private information. Only add information to this page if it absolutely cannot be public, for legal, security, or other reasons.

Want to Help?

Working on the testing, build, and automation systems at Mozilla is a fantastic introduction to Mozilla development. There are two great ways to help - either by joining an existing project, or taking on one of our "starter" projects to help you learn your way around.

  • A-team bootcamp - This covers the basics of getting started as an A-Team contributor.
  • Existing Project -- Look over our projects list and see if there is anything that you'd like to help with.
  • Good First Bug -- Just want a bug to try out? Find a few here and we can help you get started
  • New Contributor? -- Check out this page for an overview of tools and resources to help you out with that first project.
  • Check out the skills and areas of the team to see how you can fit in and help out.

If you have questions, or if you want to sign up, please come find us on IRC in #ateam.


  • We have a public, open bi-weekly status meeting at 10 AM US Pacific Time on Mondays. If you want to help out or see what we're up to, please dial in.
  • Once a year, we have in-person team meetups involving both MoCo employees and Mozillian contributors.

Got an Idea?

If you have a problem, and you don't have time to solve it. If you can find us, maybe you can "hire" the ateam. Feel free to add a Project Proposal.