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  • Should have first draft goals by end of the day...still would like to hear from some folks regarding what they want to accomplish this quarter.


  • Work with release engineering to reduce overall end-to-end time from push to test result to an average of 2 hours.
  • Ensure all harnesses and tests are E10S ready
  • Improve performance testing by finalizing user-activated addons performance system, xperf-enabled performance testing, and automating a user responsiveness performance test.


  • Go Faster (P1) - jgriffin, ted, mdas, bc, ctalbert, wlach
    • no updates
    • debug build with optimization landed, backed out
    • PGO should land this week (tomorrow)
  • Mobile Support (P1) - jmaher, bmoss, ctalbert
    • Pushed several fixes to production last week
    • Down to about 15% failure rate, which is better than before the all hands
    • Working on reftest failure issue
    • Bear and Aki investigating pulling out the cleanup scripts during general running
    • android only opengl tests landing in staging later this week
  • Bug Hunter (P1) - bc, jeads
    • All mac minis in office are up and running
    • jeads has WIP patch up for the UI, should be ready for review within the week
  • Mozmill 2.0/1.5.x (P1) - jhammel, harth, ctalbert
    • mozmill 1.5.5 released
    • wrapping up mozmill 2.0 bugs
    • slating for mozmill + e10s (mozmill 2.1)
  • Crossweave 2 - jgriffin
    • Working on adding addon support to TPS, should get it wrapped up this week.


  • Talos/User Responsiveness (P1) - anode, ted
    • Hit an issue on mac os x 10.5
    • Will is taking over for Alice here
    • Discussion is still ongoing with discussing the metric.
    • Will need to investigate whether we can use existing tp5 for this or not (once the 10.5 machine is fixed).
  • Talos/Addon Testing Service (P1) - anode
    • DONE!
  • Talos/General (P1) - anode
    • Getting lots of good ideas from wlach on making it easier to use, rolling those out
    • Rolled out mozafterpaint into mozilla-central.
  • Talos/Xperf (P2) - jmaher
    • DONE
  • SpeedTests (P2) - mcote
    • Added MazeSolver and test262 tests.
    • Instructed ahal in client-update procedures.
    • Blogged about it and updated the bug (recently assigned to me) and wiki page.
    • Fixing up OS X client.
  • User Responsiveness Regression - ahal
    • Wrapping up prototype stage, few minor issues to work out
    • Will start working on Mozmill + e10s this week

Web Tools

  • War on Orange/Auto-log (P1) - jgriffin, mcote
    • Bug Correlations view online.
    • On-going discussion about the orange-first-occurrence estimation tool.
    • Adding Talos oranges into orange factor
  • Bugzilla Improvements (P1) - dkl, glob
    • Glob is on vacation
    • Working on slowness issues with general activities - adding comment, enter bug page, etc
      • Still tracking down what is going on.
    • Made patch to send a preview of the patch you're about to review with the "review request" email.
  • Regression Hunter (P1) - harth
    • DONE
  • DXR Automation/Support {P2} - mdas
    • Malini out
  • Personal Bugzilla Dashboard (P2) - harth
    • Still making progress, new version this week.
    • Please keep sending suggestions

Tool Infrastructure

  • SpecialPowers (P1) - jmaher, ted
  • MozBase (P2) - jmaher, jhammel, ted
    • met with aki about mozharness, some good information there
    • some planning, less coding
    • ahal wrote a mozlog utility
    • code now lives in mozilla organization on github, mozbase repo.
  • Web UX Platform (P2) - mcote, harth
    • Fixed a bug in the app server; services should stop & start properly on brasstacks now, and new services should be added cleanly.
  • flyingtanks - mcote
    • Secreview on WOO passed; setting up a mirror on flyingtanks at some point.
  • Tegra Pool - tfair
    • Up and running at You can checkout one of our two tegras!