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Bugzilla and mediawiki integration is being tracked in bug 691829


  • Create a MediaWiki plugin that allows pages to display "live" queries of
    • shows status/resolution of referenced bugs
    • provides bug lists based on queries
    • provides charts based on multiple queries w/criteria


  • Replace primary UI for interacting with Bugzilla
  • Create entirely new project management tools in Wikipedia
  • Provide historical charting capabilities beyond what is supported in Bugzilla

Design Specification

The content of this page is a work in progress intended for review.

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Overall, it should be similar to Bugzilla Reports MediaWiki extension in terms of capabilities and syntax, but instead of using direct DB access to get the information out of, make use of the Bugzilla API


Bugzilla Reports Parity

Duplicate features of Bugzilla Reports

  • create a chart of bugs based on a query
  • create personal "task radars"

Add styling and tooltips to bug references in wiki content

Provide simple syntax to embed a bug, which will then be displayed like it is in Bugzilla, with strikethrough styling if the bug is resolved, italic styling if the bug is unconfirmed, and show the bug title on hover. Ideally this would happen like bugzilla, automatically for any text of the form "bug #" in content.